At Capsule we're passionate about helping businesses of all sizes achieve their full potential. We recognize that some of the biggest steps on that journey are made by using Capsule with other applications.

It's true that every business has its own bespoke workflow and set of integrations. But there is one integration in particular that is critical - the one between Capsule and your accounting software.

Hywel Thomas, owner of Zigger Web Design, recently talked us through how he set up the integration between Capsule and QuickBooks, and also how he uses this powerful combination day-to-day.

As Hywel explains, our integration with QuickBooks is very easy to set up. Enabling it means you can:

  • Avoid re-keying information and save time.
  • Keep track of where your workflow for each client is up to.
  • Have more control to do work that has been invoiced and paid for.

Our QuickBooks integration page has more information about how Capsule and QuickBooks work together.

We also have a helpful QuickBooks support page that outlines how to set up the integration if you're already using Capsule, but if you need any help please contact our Support Team.