Grofar is an award-winning EdTech startup with a mission to empower learners to reach their fullest potential through meaningful career and workplace experiences.

They do this by supporting their core market of FE colleges, learning providers and schools to manage their end-to-end employer engagement, careers and work placement activity across the UK.

We spoke to Abbie Pullman, COO, and Donna Pockson, Head of Partnerships, about their Capsule experience.

Finding a solution

Before finding Capsule, Grofar relied on complex spreadsheets. This made it hard for them to keep track of customer relationships and drive sales and operational efficiency.

As the company grew, Grofar’s team needed a way to ensure that all information was accurately recorded and accessible to all relevant stakeholders. Capsule solved this problem by not only storing the information centrally but also by allowing the team to access this data from anywhere. Capsule also enabled Grofar to rapidly ramp up their sales effort: they were able to import their list of prospects and build a sales pipeline extremely quickly.

Instant implementation

Small businesses often don’t have the time and resources to train staff on new tech or software. Instead, they need solutions that seamlessly integrate into their day-to-day roles meaning team members can quickly begin using new software to improve their efficiency and hit KPIs.

Abbie said: “As a start-up, we wanted to find a solution that helped our small team get up to speed quickly.

“We didn’t have the time for the team to get lost in features that were irrelevant to their roles, neither did we have the time for steep learning curves.”

Grofar realized that they didn’t need a complex system. They had no need for unnecessary features that were costly and had no practical use for their growing team.

Their focus was on finding simple, efficient and scalable software that seamlessly bridged the gap between their sales and customer success teams, enabling best in market support for their customers.

Keeping things simple

Finding a software solution that prioritized simplicity was key. Grofar wanted something that presented crucial information in a clear way, so they could avoid sifting through unnecessary data.

Capsule stood out compared to its competitors. It was easy to implement, making managing tasks and processes simple. It has helped our team automate elements of processes such as cross-team handovers and tracking renewals, as well as project managing longer-term initiatives.

Abbie Pullman COO

Grofar wanted a platform that was quick to implement and could be adopted by all staff rapidly. They rolled out Capsule across their business and soon every team was using the software to resolve their business challenges.

The team quickly realized that many of Capsule’s features could help them keep on top of concurrent work streams. This was particularly helpful to Abbie when restructuring internal processes: automated task prompts made changes easy for the team to adopt and ensured a consistent approach across teams. This freed up a lot of time and allowed them to focus on larger, more complex tasks.

Getting the most from your data

Capsule’s customizable tags and custom fields help teams like Grofar quickly segment and report on data to get to the heart of their customer needs.

Options like tags help to keep your data organized so you can find what you need quickly and easily. Donna says: “In previous companies, if I wanted to look at all the opportunities we had over a year-long period, I’d have to manually search for the data. But with customizable tags, it’s easy to filter and drill down into my data to create easy-to-interpret reports.”

By filtering unnecessary data, the team was able to focus on what mattered, freeing time to provide enhanced care and support to their growing customer base.

Unrivaled support and guidance

What stood out to Donna and the rest of the team is how easy it is to get support and guidance from Capsule. She says: “It makes a big difference having really helpful, human responses from your support team.”

Queries are answered quickly and she appreciates how the Capsule team takes time to provide detailed and relevant answers. Even when help isn’t immediately available, there are other ways to get the support you need.

The support team is really responsive, but your guides are also great when you need an answer fast. The guides just make sense, they take you step-by-step through each screen, and that’s not the case everywhere.

Donna Pockson Head of Partnerships

Key takeaways

Streamlined automation: Capsule makes time-consuming tasks simple and efficient with their automation tool. This enables efficient task management including cross-team information sharing and renewal processes.

Enhanced productivity: Almost every team at Grofar uses Capsule to support one aspect of their operations. Whether it’s to enhance customer communications or speed up repetitive tasks, the result is higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Scalability and development: Capsule will continue to streamline business operations as Grofar grows and expands its services by constantly updating and improving our current tools and features.

Unparalleled support: Capsule’s support team is ready to answer any questions, queries, or suggestions Grofar has. But for an instant response, our team has collated many expert guides to help customers find answers fast.

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