Hamish Gill is the Director of F8 Creates, a branding and video agency located in Worcester. With over ten years of experience in the sector, they know the ins and outs of branding and design.

Their expertise allows them to provide a range of services, from graphic design and web building to photography and video content. But with a wide range of clients, from large enterprises to one-man-bands, they needed a solution that allowed them to easily manage their customer data.

Tackling evolving challenges

F8 has a wide range of services and a lot of plates to juggle. With so many moving parts to consider, maintaining consistent customer relationships can be a challenge.

We have a lot of clients that are effectively on retainers with us, but they're not contractually obliged to keep paying us money.

This strategy required a simple solution. A software that allows them to efficiently keep track of their client interactions and enables team members to easily access data wherever and whenever they need it.

Finding a new way to work

Hamish explains that Capsule has helped F8 find a new way to work with its customers. It helps them to manage repeat customers and works almost as an extension of a company’s current marketing team.

They quickly realized that there was no short-term solution for customers looking to utilize content. But long-term contracts weren’t something that the team was keen to implement. Instead, they needed to find a new way to develop long-lasting, trust-filled relationships. That’s where Capsule came in.

Taking a proactive approach

Capsule has allowed F8 to take the lead when it comes to managing customer relationships. The team noticed that a proactive approach brought more repeat customers and larger projects.

If we don't lead the relationship, the client, whether they're paying us money regularly or not, will just forget that they need it.

By reaching out regularly they’re able to help businesses realize their content needs and help them build a better more effective content plan.

Stronger relationships, increased loyalty

One-off projects hold little value to F8 or their customers. It didn’t allow them to develop a long-term strategy with a proven return on investment or increased customer engagement.

But with Capsule, F8 were able to maintain regular communication with their customers. This meant they could create long-term solutions to problems, instead of providing a one-off solution. This not only helped their clients but also allowed them to grow their audience and business.

F8 uses Capsule to continually keep on top of their customer relationships. Having a logged history of every interaction helps them keep track of where projects are at and when best to check in.

Capsule helps us keep on top of these relationships. We get in touch with customers every 30 to 60 days to ask about their needs so it’s great having a load of notes in there that covers the details of the last conversation we had.

Customer communications made simple

F8 have been Capsule customers for almost 12 years after first sampling a few other CRM options.

Hamish explains that he “remembers being totally and utterly overwhelmed by all of them. Then I went onto Capsule and it was this simple interface that immediately made sense.”

Capsule’s simplicity is what caught Hamish’s eye. It allowed the software to be quickly rolled out across his team, meaning he could step away from the smaller day-to-day customer interactions and focus on the bigger picture of the company.

Hamish also enjoys the personal touch that comes from Capsule’s support team. Whenever he has a problem, he can contact a member of the support team directly and receive a response almost immediately.

Easy integration

Capsule integrates with a range of tools like Google and Freeagent to help F8 complete their daily operations. Hamish wants everyone in his team to have access to the messages they need. Capsule integrates with a range of software and platforms making it easy to access the data wherever and whenever.

When I get an email inquiry, I put it into Capsule’s CRM. Then when I walk out of the office and their telephone number is saved into my phone via the Google contacts integration. It's seamless, and I don't have to think about it. It just works.

The range of integrations makes managing client interactions much easier. You’re able to organize your day-to-day interactions and keep data centralized so that you stay on top and in control of client relationships.

Capsule solutions

Enhanced Client Relationships: Capsule has enabled F8 to establish consistent relationships with clients of all sizes. This has allowed them to better assess customer needs and create more effective content that helps them to grow their business.

Increased Efficiency: Easy and quick access to client data allows for more efficient interactions. It also helps to make better-informed decisions and more transparent communications between colleagues and customers.

Centralized Data: Capsule’s wide range of software integrations, allows F8 to keep all essential information in one easily accessible space. This helps teams to collaborate as they’re all working from the same set of data.

Qualitative Improvement: The right CRM software can help you gain control of client interactions by providing a detailed list of all your previous interactions.

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