Ann Wright is the Co-Founder and owner of Rough House Media, a media communications agency that trains people how to manage media relations. As an ex-journalist, Ann uses her skills to help support customers with a range of communication skills.

Over the last 15 years, her company has taught clients about everything from how to speak with journalists and media organisations, to crisis communication management and presentation training.

Keeping track of customer communications is crucial to Rough House Media’s business. So they needed to invest in a CRM that would help streamline their approach and help them boost productivity through better contact management.

Identifying bottlenecks

Like many other small businesses, Ann used Excel spreadsheets to manage her client interactions. But as her business grew it became obvious that this wasn’t the best method.

They needed a better way to track all their client records so they could review all of their previous communications. With this information, Ann wanted to foster better relationships with her clients to build better business relationships.

Ann said: “Things would fall through the cracks all the time. I didn’t have an adequate way of tracking who I needed to contact and when so I would miss opportunities.”

Capsule helped Ann keep notes of exactly when she should contact customers, either to follow up after a training course or to nurture prospects.

Finding a solution that worked for them

Ann first encountered Capsule while helping a client with their PR. The client used Capsule to help them manage their projects and tasks. Ann realised the CRMs potential and began to use the software too..

“Whenever I was looking for something a member of their team would tell me it was in Capsule.

I used to find it irritating at first but once I used the software, I thought it was amazing and wondered why I wasn’t using it. Once I realised the benefits I was a total convert.

Since implementing Capsule, Ann has noticed an improvement in her day-to-day activities, from tracking communications with prospective clients to keeping notes of her to-do list in the calendar features.

She adds: “Capsule has become just a normal part of our business activities that I even use it as a verb - to Capsule. When I speak to a client or prospective client and they say ‘call me in a month’ I can make a note so I don’t forget to follow up. Those follow ups are listed as “capsules” in my daily to-do list.”

Ann makes sure that she never loses an opportunity by keeping a complete record of all client interactions. She can track what training clients have already done to help them progress their skills.

Ann says: “With Capsule we have a complete record of our training courses so we know who we’ve trained, when and how much they’ve spent, and with the mobile app I can access this information anywhere, anytime.”

Exploring features and integrations

Round House Media is a small team consisting of just Ann and her husband so rolling out the system was straightforward. She found the interface easy to use and enjoyed finding new ways to use the system to help simplify her current business processes.

Ann started with the free system and quickly found the benefit of investing in a paid package. Ann explains: “Having Capsule made my life so much easier, we started with the free version and after about two weeks, it was clear that we needed the paid version.”

“There are so many features that I know I don’t use all the ones I should. It took me quite a while to start using the pipeline, but I’ve found it helpful for collecting and storing data on prospective clients.

“I have even added my Government Gateway ID and other logins to my profile so I can access it whenever I need it.”

Features like contact management, contact organisation, and calendar integration, are used extensively by their team. But the most common feature they enjoy is the seamless integration between Capsule and their telephone system Circle Loop that helps manage their phone inquiries.

Integrations are great for managing our workflow particularly when organising client documents and emails. Overall, they help our day-to-day operations by streamlining our communication and documentation processes.

Ann constantly looks for new ways to implement Capsule features in her day-to-day work. Her next step is to explore Capsule’s project features and how to use projects to track progress on client work.

Key takeaways

  • Unparalleled data storage: Ann loves that Capsule lets her view all her files in one easy-to-access space.
  • Better opportunity management: By setting reminders to contact clients and prospects, nothing falls through the cracks meaning better potential to nurture business opportunities.
  • Full integration: With Capsule, Ann can integrate the services she needs so she never has to worry about transferring over important data.


Capsule has helped Rough House Media transform its business practices by serving as a comprehensive tool to help manage time and customer relationships effectively.

With seamless integration and unrivalled customer support, it has helped Ann and her team immensely. Capsule has become an indispensable asset in their day-to-day operations, offering unparalleled data storage, improved opportunity management, and seamless integration capabilities.

Discover how Capsule can boost your business with your free 14-day free trial.