Box Factura is an electronic invoice management provider based in Mexico. It specializes in helping businesses navigate the regulatory complexities of issuing and paying invoices in the Mexican market.

They’re a small, but rapidly growing organization. Their secure cloud storage solutions are trusted by many businesses looking for a transparent and traceable process for all of their digital payments.

To support Box Factura’s growth plans, the leadership team realized they needed a CRM to support their fundamental business operations.

Stifled growth holds Box Factura back

The team at Box Factura faced fundamental challenges as they began to grow. With hundreds of customers to serve, the team experienced challenges managing their client communications.

Rafael Soto, Box Factura CEO, details his client communication issues: "Before we started working with Capsule, it was very challenging to track all of our client communications.

"We couldn’t understand, at a glance, what the status of their account was.

He adds: "Instead, we tracked communications across disparate paper-based, and arbitrary electronic systems.

This led to difficulty meeting client expectations, creating follow-up activities, and in general, led to us not delivering the highest quality service we demand of ourselves.

In addition to client communication issues, Box Factura struggled with its sales process. A typical sales process should take somewhere between three and four months for Box Factura.

"But because this process was split between three people, Excel and other systems, closing deals took much longer."

This was affecting the eInvoicing provider’s ability to forecast revenue and make sales quickly.

Searching for the right CRM

Rafael and his team knew they needed a CRM, but picking the right one was crucial for the eInvoicing specialist. According to Soto, any CRM they chose had to be ‘user-friendly’, ‘cost-effective’, and have ‘an expansive feature set to meet Box Factura’s evolving needs.’

Soto identified that without a CRM, they struggled to make data-driven decisions on their sales activities because it was difficult for them to forecast their pipeline accurately. In addition, given the multichannel complexity of client communication in modern business, their existing approach failed to centralize this detail in a single place.

Lastly, Box Factura is a nationwide business in Mexico, so Rafael and his team had to be able to complete key business activities anywhere on any device.

Unboxing Capsule

After some research and product demos, Rafael and his team discovered Capsule, a CRM that’s easy to use, priced competitively and boasts a rich feature set that’s well aligned with Box Factura’s growth strategy.

A big draw for Soto was how easy Capsule is to implement and start using.

He says: “It was so easy to get started with Capsule. We self-served our onboarding with the well-stocked support section of the site.

"I then set up a brief training session with the team and we got started almost immediately."

The simple-to-use interface made it easy for the team to get up and running.

Many business operations are now handled by Capsule. Sales is handled by sales pipeline management, one of Capsule’s many features. This allows Box Factura to track lead status across the sales cycle, from the minute a lead enters or leaves their sales process.

It’s made sales more efficient for the team. Everyone in the sales department can now see active lead status in an easy-to-access dashboard. Box Factura has also increased operational efficiency as the whole team knows where each lead is up to, and different reps can seamlessly jump in and out of any sales process.

Lastly, this improved sales process has given Box Factura control and visibility of its sales pipeline, which has been crucial for Soto and his team to chart their growth journey.

Out-of-the-box task management

While the sales pipeline has been important in helping chart Box Factura’s growth plans, Tasks has helped with its execution.

Rafael details his use of Capsule’s Tasks feature here:

While Sales Pipeline has helped us better visualize and forecast our pipeline, Tasks has helped us deliver better service to our customers.

"Our team schedule jobs, in Tasks, both during, and after, the sales process. For instance, if we need someone to follow up after not hearing from the prospect for a couple of weeks, we’ll set a reminder in tasks to do so.

"It’s the same with sending and receiving contracts, we’ll set a task to send a contract and assign it to the relevant employee to execute."

Rapid implementation; rapid time to value

Realizing time to value is essential when purchasing and implementing any new business tool, and it’s the same with implementing a CRM. Thankfully, Box Factura not only implemented Capsule quickly, but they also saw their growth goals exceeded, thanks to the advantage our technology has given them.

In 2022, Box Factura set a growth target to grow its revenue by 48%. They didn’t just meet that goal, they exceeded it. Soto thinks this is down to a few things. First, that the team is working more efficiently than ever, thanks to being ‘more responsive’ to prospect and customer queries.

He also thinks that, in general, Capsule being easy to use and easy to implement has given Box Factura a competitive advantage in its day-to-day operations. Sales and post-sales activities are completed quicker than they were before Capsule.

Why Capsule vs the competition

When we asked why Box Factura picked Capsule over its competitors, Rafael had this to say: “I was pleasantly surprised to find that your organization, even among well-known competitors is specifically dedicated to helping small businesses with limited budgets.”

Your competitors focus on larger organizations. And your approach to customers is a lot more hands-on and tailored than other CRM providers. This sets Capsule apart and was a big draw for the team and me.

Wrapping up

By adopting Capsule, Box Factura has not only improved its operational efficiency, but it has also seen significant revenue growth year-on-year.

  • Communication challenges: Box Factura struggled with managing client communications and sales processes, leading to inefficiencies and prolonged sales cycles.
  • CRM solution: CEO Rafael Soto sought a user-friendly, cost-effective CRM with extensive features, leading to the selection of Capsule.
  • Efficient implementation: Capsule was rapidly deployed, enhancing sales efficiency and task management, providing better control and visibility.
  • Growth exceeded: Adoption of Capsule led to surpassing the 2022 growth target by 48%, credited to improved team efficiency and CRM's ease of use.

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