Subpar CRM Affecting Efficiency and Growth

Emma Rundle, the owner of Melting Pot Creations, a rapidly growing content writing agency, faced a critical challenge. As a passionate entrepreneur, Emma knew that inefficiency in handling client information, workload, and projects would cause unnecessary stress and hinder her growth.

The CRM she was using lacked vital project functionality and organization capabilities needed for her expanding business. It was crucial for her to identify a solution that could adapt to her growing needs and help her manage resources effectively, freeing her up to focus on expanding her business.

The Solution: Class-leading CRM that facilitates growth

Capsule CRM offered the perfect solution for Emma and her agency. Emma found that being able to customize features to suit the way she works was a big plus, such as the ability to change the sales pipeline milestones and project board stages.

Capsule also didn't overwhelm Emma with too many features that she wouldn't use. It had all the key features she needed such as a sales pipeline, integrations, tasks and calendar, and project management. And, in comparison to some big-name CRMs out there, Capsule offered really good value for money.

Emma decided to make the switch to Capsule CRM, trusting it to streamline her administrative processes and help her manage her workload more effectively.

The Results: Improved Productivity and Growth

With Capsule CRM, Emma experienced a significant improvement in her day-to-day operations:

  • Admin time was cut in half, allowing her to focus on client management and content production

  • Visibility of her pipeline, workload, and customer experience greatly improved which helps Emma prioritize her work and gain loyal clients.

  • Stress levels reduced as she no longer had to rely on her memory for critical data

I'm more organized and get work done more quickly as I can hit the ground running as soon as a new day begins.

Emma Rundle

But the benefits of the switch didn't stop there.

I've doubled my turnover year on year for the past two years and Capsule has undoubtedly played a role in that. It helps me capture opportunities and progress them in a timely way.

Emma Rundle

The platform enabled Emma to capture opportunities and advance them promptly, positioning her business for continued growth.

Praise for Capsule CRM's Support

Emma was also impressed by Capsule's exceptional support. Capsule provided personalized assistance to help Emma whenever she had a question, setting it apart from the impersonal experiences often encountered with larger businesses that rely on bots or generic FAQs.

A Firm Recommendation: Capsule CRM for Growing Businesses

When asked if she would recommend Capsule to others within her industry, Emma replied with a resounding "Definitely." The affordability, flexibility, and unmatched support make Capsule an invaluable asset for owner-managed companies and small teams needing that "extra pair of hands."

Capsule CRM continues to serve as a dependable partner in helping Emma and Melting Pot Creations achieve their ambitious goals, reflecting Capsule's commitment to empowering small businesses and driving their success.