In 2009, Sean Kernan founded the financial advisory firm, 360 Wealth Management. The Dallas-based company specializes in comprehensive financial services, including money and retirement planning, and insurance solutions.

Sean supports both families and individuals on a range of financial matters. He helps them look at the wider financial picture and advises them on everything from investments to life and disability insurance, as well as long-term care planning.

Sean has supported some of his clients for years, meaning he had a huge backlog of notes and data to try and organize. With so many clients needing advice on a wide array of topics, it was clear that Sean needed a better system to organize his data.

Building better customer relationships

Before Capsule, Sean relied on Microsoft Outlook to manage his contacts and client data. He knew he needed a solution he could implement quickly and he simply didn’t have the time to teach his staff how to use new software.

Sean said: “At the time I had a shared assistant and I didn’t have the capacity for software training. I wasn’t sure if Capsule was going to be a long-term solution so whatever software I chose, I needed it to be intuitive and customizable.”

Quick and simple CRM implementation was crucial for Sean. He wanted something that could quickly be rolled out across the team so he could start tracking his interactions and making the most of the tool.

“We began with the free trial plan which was great as a low-risk investment as I wanted to make sure I wasn’t paying for something that I wouldn't use.

Capsule was the most intuitive of all the CRMs that we tried and was quick to set up and roll out. The process was seamless, intuitive, and simple for the whole team.

Sean quickly saw the benefits and invested in a paid plan. Having year's worth of notes in one place helped him deliver a more consistent experience, and assess his client's needs, all while building deeper customer relationships.

Enjoying the benefits

Consolidating all of client data in one place helped 360 Wealth Management enhance its efficiency and ensured consistent customer service. By acting as a centralized hub the whole team can collaborate on projects whenever, and wherever.

Sean says: “It’s our go-to-hub for everything we do. It's the first thing my assistant and I check at the start of our working day. It helps us organize our tasks and assess what needs our attention most. It's like going to the conference room or a coffee shop, it’s a space to collaborate.”

This new approach has helped them grow their business. Not only has this boosted their revenue but it's also grown their customer base.

My business has tripled in size since I started using Capsule, without us making any major changes to the way our business operates.

Task management and future-proofing

The simple and customizable elements set Capsule apart from its competitors. The speedy implementation resulted in notable improvements in task and history management, providing Sean with strategic advantages for future transitions and business continuity.

Improved project management processes meant that Sean could track the progress of all his past and ongoing projects. It allowed him to plan for the future and avoid problems should a customer have an issue or a staff member choose to leave.

Sean says: “These detailed notes gave me peace of mind. I could easily assign tasks to members of my staff and look back at all the steps that had been taken previously. When a task is time sensitive I can send an employee a message and let them know I’ve added a task so nothing ever falls through the cracks.”

Exception user support

While rarely needing additional help to implement the software, Sean recognizes the excellent personal touch that he receives when contacting Capsule’s support team. Despite being a user for over ten years, he’s found little need for software changes and enhancements.

Sean says: "I haven't had to be in contact much, which speaks for itself. But when I have needed support, the team has been phenomenal. Every problem I’ve had has been resolved quickly and efficiently.”

Key takeaways

Quick and simple implementation: Capsule can be easily implemented quickly without extensive training due to its intuitive and customizable interface.

Consolidation and efficiency: Capsule served as a centralized hub consolidating all client data in one place leading to enhanced efficiency and consistent customer service, leading to business growth.

Task management and future planning: The simplicity and customizability of Capsule improved the team's data and project management and task tracking helping the team track project progress and plan for the future.

Exceptional User Support: Capsule’s support team is always available to help with any potential issues highlighting their commitment to customer satisfaction and excellent support.


The right CRM can help a business improve its productivity through streamlined workflow and efficiency. The simple user interface makes it easy for teams to implement the software within their business and the benefits make it an indispensable tool for growing organizations.

Capsule CRM can help businesses keep track of all of their user interactions and customer data, so they can continue to provide consistent and excellent service. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as a better bottom line.

Discover how Capsule can help you and your customers by signing up for your free 14-day trial.