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How to Add Contacts

How to add a single Contact

All Users are able to add an individual Contact to Capsule. There are several different ways of doing this. This list will help you understand the different ways you might add individual Contacts.

  • Using the Add new button found in the top menu bar.
  • From the People & Organizations page, you’ll find a dedicated button to Add Person or Add Organization.
  • Using the Mail Drop Box to automatically create a Contact when sending/forwarding an email. You can learn how to do this in our Getting Started guide. The User who forwards the initial email will be marked as the Owner of the new Contact by default.
  • Using the Capsule Mobile App. When creating a Contact in the app, you’ll be able to select an Owner in the Assign To field before completing the new Contact form.
  • Setting up a Web Form integration to create contacts in Capsule from a website form submission. By default, new contacts added via the Capsule Website Contact Form integration or the Wufoo integration will be assigned to the Super Administrator for your Capsule account. It is possible to change this assignment for both integrations to a different user. New form submissions will be added to the users default team. - Set the REVIEW_ID for the Capsule Website form submissions. - Set the task:ID for Wufoo form submissions.
  • Contact sync via accounting integrations, for example, QuickBooks, Xero, FreeAgent, FreshBooks, KashFlow , or Sage Business Cloud Accounting UK.

How to Add lists of Contacts

  • You may have multiple spreadsheets that you use for managing different sets of Contacts or data that has been exported from another CRM. These lists can all be added to Capsule using the import tool.
  • Contact sync via accounting integrations, for example, if you are using an accounting package such as QuickBooks, Xero, FreeAgent, FreshBooks, KashFlow , or Sage Business Cloud Accounting UK. Integrations with these platforms are available on the Growth, Advanced and Ultimate plans.

How to Create Contacts via the Mail Drop Box

You can easily create a new Capsule contact when sending/forwarding emails using the Mail DropBox. When BCC’ing the Mail DropBox to store an email in your account, Capsule searches through the email addresses for existing Contacts in order to identify a match. If there isn’t a matching email address, Capsule will create a brand new Contact.