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FreeAgent integration

The FreeAgent integration allows you to keep your customers in sync and gives you an instant overview of what invoices you have for a contact without ever leaving their contact record in Capsule. It also makes it super simple to add new contacts from Capsule to FreeAgent when you want to start invoicing them.

What does the integration do?

The integration with FreeAgent will sync your contacts with Capsule in an instant. Any contact in FreeAgent will automatically be added to your Capsule account and you’ll be able to see their invoices on their contact records in Capsule.

If a contact already exists in Capsule then it will be linked up with its counterpart to avoid creating duplicates. This matching is done based on the name of the contact.

If you need to update the details for a contact then make sure to make the changes inside Capsule and then the integration will sync them over to the corresponding contact in FreeAgent.

Setting up the integration

If you don’t already have a FreeAgent account then sign-up for one now at

Setting up the integration is very simple:

  1. Go to the Account Settings Integrations FreeAgent.
  2. Click the button to Connect to FreeAgent
  3. You’ll then be taken to your FreeAgent account to authenticate the integration by entering your login details.
  4. When that’s done you’ll be redirected back to your Capsule account and you’re all done.

When you do this, all FreeAgent contacts will be synced with your Capsule contacts. Contacts who don’t already exist in your Capsule account will be added and those who already exist will be linked to the correct contact in FreeAgent.

If you want to update a contact’s details just make the change in Capsule. Once a contact is linked with FreeAgent, any changes you make to a contact within Capsule will be pushed out to FreeAgent for you automatically, so you only need to apply your changes in one place.

Exclude supplier invoices

If you’d prefer to not share supplier invoices with your staff then it might be a good idea to exclude the supplier invoices from being displayed in Capsule.

To do that, go to the Account Settings Integrations FreeAgent, check the box to exclude supplier invoices and click Save.


Supplier contacts will still come through to Capsule however their invoices will not be visible.

Deleting a contact

If you delete a contact in Capsule which is linked to a contact in FreeAgent, the contact in FreeAgent won’t be deleted. Instead at the next sync per the integration, the contact will be re-created in your Capsule account.

Therefore if you want to remove a contact in FreeAgent you are best to delete it in FreeAgent first and then delete it in Capsule if you don’t want to keep it in Capsule either.