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Zapier integration

Zapier is a really useful platform that provides integrations between different services which ordinarily wouldn’t be able to connect. Zapier supports Capsule along with a wide range of other web services. You can sign up to Zapier at

Using the Zapier integration

Zapier allows you to connect your Capsule account to hundreds of other apps. It works by setting a trigger in one app to action something in a second app.

For example, you could connect a Google Sheet to Capsule with a trigger of each new row in the sheet creating a new contact in Capsule. Or if you have a sales team that want to be notified of new opportunities added to the pipeline, you can connect Capsule to your team Slack account so that a trigger of a new Capsule opportunity posts a message in a specific Slack channel. Or if you want to see your Google Calendar events in Capsule, you could setup a Zap to add all new events to your Calendar as tasks in Capsule.

These are just a few examples, but there are endless ways that Zapier can be configured to automate actions that you carry out everyday.


Should you have any questions about using Zapier or if you need help getting your setup then please just email us.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what you can do with Zapier then keep reading:

  • Add new MailChimp subscribers as people in Capsule
  • Add new Capsule tasks to Todoist
  • Add new Facebook Lead Ad leads as people in Capsule
  • Add new Capsule tasks to Asana
  • Add new Google Contacts as people in Capsule
  • Add new Capsule contacts as subscribers in MailChimp
  • Add new Google Calendar events as tasks in Capsule
  • Post a message in Slack when a new opportunity is created in Capsule
  • Add new people in Capsule from a new Acuity Scheduling Appointment
  • Add new Capsule people to Google Contacts

Import and Export

Import sales opportunities from a Google Sheet into your Capsule account.

Email notifications

Collect all your contacts

  • Add new FullContact scanned cards as contacts in Capsule
  • Send Gravity Forms contacts to Capsule
  • Add new Eventbrite attendees as people in Capsule
  • Add new JotForm entries as people in Capsule


  • Create new Constant Contact subscribers from new contacts in Capsule
  • Create new subscribers in MailChimp from new people in Capsule
  • Add new contacts in Active Campaign from new people in Capsule
  • Mail handwritten Thankster cards to new people in Capsule

Task management

Make sure you stay on top of your Capsule tasks no matter where you’re working by copying them to the project or tasks management tool of your choice.

  • Add new Capsule tasks to Asana
  • Add new Capsule tasks to Todoist
  • Add new Capsule tasks as new cards in Trello

Activity Reporting

Continuously export your latest activity from Capsule to a Google Sheet.

  • Add Capsule ‘Latest Activity’ RSS feed to a Google Sheet

Time tracking

  • Import new Capsule organizations as TimeCamp projects