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Social integrations

Enable the social search integration to enrich your contact data with information and images from social networks.

Find social profiles and images for your contacts

To enable the social search integration you first need to connect your Facebook and/or Twitter account to Capsule. You can do this by clicking on your username in the top menu bar, select My Preferences Social Integrations and follow the steps.

With the social search integration enabled Capsule uses a service called ClearBit to match contact data with social network profiles.


Using ClearBit for social profile search is only available to customers on a paid Capsule plan.

As well as Twitter and Facebook, Capsule may also find social profile images from Gravatar, Flickr and GitHub.

Data protection and social integration

Before you see any social network profile or image suggestions you will need to confirm that you have the agreement and consent to use and collect the personal data of your contacts. To confirm this a user with administrator rights on your account will need to go to Account Settings Integrations Social Search Configure and select the appropriate option.

We take privacy seriously and Capsule honors the privacy controls of each network when searching for profiles. As a result you’ll only see matches where the contact has made their profile public.

Adding suggested social profiles to your contacts

Once you have enabled social search integration you will start seeing a notification icon when you viewing some contacts in Capsule - this icon indicates Capsule has found social profiles for your contact. Click on the icon to see the matches and add the social profiles details to your contact.

When you have added social profiles to a contact and they have a public profile picture you will be able to add that picture to your Capsule contact. You can read more about how to do this here.

We’d love to hear how you get on with this. In particular, if you spot matches that are for the wrong person we’d be grateful if you could email so that we can take a look at fine tuning our search algorithms.