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How to integrate Slack with Capsule using Zapier

Slack is a messaging app for businesses that connects people to the information that they need. With the help of Zapier you can create Slack channel notifications when an Opportunity changes milestones in Capsule.


How to set up the Capsule to Slack Zap

  1. Log in to Zapier and click + Create to get started (we always recommend naming your Zap when you start - that way it’s easy to reference at a later time).
  2. Describe what you wish to automate, for example, “When an opportunity changes milestones in Capsule CRM, to a specific milestone, send a channel message in Slack”
  3. Zapier will pick the trigger New or Updated Opportunity (Capsule CRM) and action Send Channel Message (Slack) for you. It’s a good starting point, but will need some modifications and additions. Click Try it
Screenshot showing the first step of a Capsule to Slack zap

Define the Zap Trigger

  1. Choose the Capsule account you want to use (or if you haven't yet connected your Capsule account follow the steps to connect your Capsule account). Once you've chosen your account click Continue.
  2. For the Zap Trigger select An existing Opportunity is moved to a different milestone and click Continue
Screenshot to show the trigger in the Capsule to Slack zap
  1. Click Test Trigger, Zapier will find some test records, select the record you'd like to test the Zap with and click Continue with selected record

Add a filter for a specific milestone name

At this point, the trigger you have created will look for any milestone changes for Opportunities within your Capsule account. If you would like to limit your Zap to only trigger when Opportuities reach a specific milestone then you will need to add a filter step.

In this example, we’ll use the Contract milestone of our Sales Pipeline.

  1. Click the + between the two steps to add another step and select the Filter step.
Screenshot highlighting the plus icon to add a step to the zap
  1. Set the filter criteria so that the Zap will only continue if the Milestone Name exactly matches Contract. Click Continue.

This will test your filter with your existing test record and let you know whether or not the zap would have continued. As you are adding in an extra filter, it’s possible your original test Opportunity will not meet this criteria you will see a message that the Zap would not have run. If this happens, go back to the Test step of the Trigger and choose a different test Opportunity. If you don’t have any suitable options, simply go into Capsule and move an Opportunity to the milestone to test and refresh the Test step.

  1. Be sure to test with different examples to confirm you have the filter set correctly. When you are ready, click Continue.

Define the Zap Action

  1. Select the app (Slack) and choose your Slack account (if you haven't yet connected Slack to Zapier you can do so here)
  2. Set up the action and click Continue. Suggested settings are:
    • Select a Slack channel
    • Set the message text - you can include the opportunity name and a link to the opportunity
    • Send as a bot = Yes (Optional)
    • Include a link to this Zap = No (Optional)
    • Auto-expand links = No (Optional)
    • And the other options as you like
  3. Test the Action step to ensure all is working correctly.
  4. If the test is successful, you're ready to Publish your Zap.

More ideas for this Zap

Log every milestone change, rather than just to a specific milestone

  • Ignore steps that add a filter for a specific milestone
  • Set the first line of the message text to include the new Milestone Name

Log only when an opportunity is marked Won

  • In the filter steps, change the milestone name from Contract to Won.
  • Set the first line of the message text in the Action to: Opportunity Won