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Cases vs. Opportunities

If you’re just starting out with a CRM then the different terms and words can be confusing. This article will help clear things up regarding cases and sales opportunities

What is a sales opportunity?

A sales opportunity - sometimes referred to as a ‘Deal’ - is something you use to track a potential sale. You link it to the client that the sale is related to and assign it an expected value. That value represents the sale when ‘won’. You then give it a milestone which represents the percentage chance of winning the opportunity. This is something that changes over time as you engage with the client and progress to make it more and more likely that you will ‘sell’.

You can notes and link emails to the history of an opportunity and you can setup tasks and tracks for all the things you need to do related to it.

Your combined sales opportunities then make up your Sales Pipeline and will contribute to the Sales Pipeline graph in your dashboard. It will show your combined income forecast which is really handy to see. We have some more details and examples from the Sales Pipeline dashboard here in our docs.

What is a case?

A case on the other hand is like a a storage area for everything that can happen for a particular event or project. It’s similar to opportunities in the way that you can add notes & tasks however it doesn’t have things like expected values or milestones. You can read about cases here in our docs as well.