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Install add-on for all users on a G Suite domain

To install the Capsule Gmail Add-on for all users on a G Suite domain follow this guide. If you’re not a G Suite user you may be looking for our article on how install for individual Gmail accounts.

Install for all users on a G Suite domain


You will need to be an admin on your G Suite account to install the add-on domain wide

  1. Click on the + icon in the sidebar to Get add-ons

  2. In the marketplace dialogue that appears, search for Capsule.

  3. Click through to the Capsule Gmail Add-on listing and hit Domain Install.

  4. You will need to confirm you want to install the add-on for all users on your G Suite domain. To confirm this hit continue.

  5. Enter you password for you G Suite account if prompted, then Accept the next pop up asking for you to grant permission to your domain data. Make sure you check the box at the bottom to accept the terms of service. Click Done after the loading pop up.

Now you’re ready to get started.