Turn on/off Capsule for Google Apps users

Josef Szotten posted in Product October 25, 2011

If you have a paid google apps account you now have the possibility to choose which of your users that can see and use the Capsule gmail gadget or not. If you for example have a lot of google apps users but only a few of them user Capsule, why not turn off the gadget for the rest of your users. The gadget will only be there for the relevant users and won’t cause confusion for the rest of your google apps users.

What you have to do as administrator of your google apps domain is the following:

  • Go to your google apps dashboard
  • Select the Organisations & users tab
  • Click the Add sub-organization button at the top right
  • Add a sub-organization with an appropriate name (‘Capsule Users’ for example)
  • Go back to the list with all your users and move the users that need access to Capsule to the Capsule Users sub-organization
  • You move a user by ticking the box next to the user name and then using the Move to menu at the top to move the user to a different sub-organization
  • Once you have moved all the users to the correct sub-organization you can edit the application access
  • You will find your newly created sub-organization on the left hand side
  • Click the Capsule Users sub-organization and then go to the Services tab
  • Now you can override the inherited services access and turn on or off any services you would like, including Capsule CRM

Google has written a blog post about how this all works, you can find it here.

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