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Knock CRM out with these top 3 alternatives

Not sure if Knock CRM is right for you? Find the perfect alternative for you and your business.

Rose McMillan · April 2, 2024
Knock CRM out with these top 3 alternatives

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Knock CRM is an option for businesses looking to manage multifamily properties. But what if there are other tools out there that could meet your needs even better?

If you're looking to upgrade the tech you use in your office, and improve communications with people living in your buildings, it's worth checking out what else is on the market. We're going to explore some alternatives that could make managing your properties and long term residents a lot smoother.

What is Knock CRM

Knock CRM is an integrated suite designed for multifamily property management. It provides tools to improve business intelligence, maintain communication with customers and prospects, and leverage data for operational improvements.

It's a CRM app that gives a voice to both users and residents, with insights and feedback mechanisms for operators to credit their service and schedule enhancements.

Key features of Knock CRM

  1. Performance management platform with tools: Offers comprehensive reporting and analytics to streamline operations for property managers and leasing teams, all for better performance outcomes.
  2. Multiple weekly reports and automation features: Provides capabilities such as auto-response, call recording, and data transparency tools, beneficial for site teams, regional managers, and leasing teams.
  3. Knock Now and Knockbot for leasing teams: Features like AI chat attract high-quality leads and self-scheduling of tours via Knock Now, facilitating increased volume without additional costs, which is particularly useful for multifamily managers and leasing agents.
  4. Designed for a broad audience: Aimed at multifamily managers, operational executives, IT teams, and others, highlighting the industry's versatility.
  5. Focus on communication efficiency: Created to address communication and operational efficiency challenges for property management companies.

Why to Look for Alternatives?

  1. Pricing transparency: Knock CRM does not publicly disclose pricing, instead, you need to send a demo request for cost details. If you’re looking to quickly compare options, this lack of transparency might be inconvenient.
  2. Limited integrations: With only seven PMS integrations, Knock CRM may not satisfy all the technological needs of a property management company – especially for those needing extensive customizable reports and analytics.
  3. Complex scoring feature: The scoring system used by Knock CRM can be challenging to understand and implement, potentially complicating the process of evaluating leads and managing relationships.

While Knock CRM offers best-in-class automation integration, the necessity for additional training and the inability to see prices upfront may encourage potential users to consider alternatives like DoorLoop, Innago, or Landlord Studio, depending on their specific needs, budget, and portfolio size. We know, however, that there are some more versatile alternatives to consider – and you’ll see them below.

Best alternatives to Knock CRM

1. Capsule CRM

Capsule stands out as an intuitive CRM tool that streamlines sales funnels and enables organizations to maintain an overview of their customer interactions.

Key features

  • Contact management: Capsule enables a structured approach to contact storage and management for quick retrieval of customer data.
  • Sales pipeline: Capsule CRM features a graphical representation of the sales process for a clear overview of deal progression.
  • Task management: With Capsule, you can streamline task allocation and tracking, so that follow-ups and client commitments are met.
  • Customization: Capsule CRM adapts to specific business needs through customizable fields, tags, and dashboards for efficient data organization.
  • Reporting and analytics: Capsule delivers comprehensive insights into business operations with detailed reports and marketing analytics.
  • Email integration: Users can easily manage and track emails through smooth integration with email services.
  • Mobile CRM: With Capsule's mobile application, CRM tasks can be handled anywhere, on any device.
  • Data security: With SOC 2 Type II certification, Capsule CRM shows the commitment to stringent data protection and privacy standards.
  • Integration with other apps: Capsule CRM supports extensive integration with widely-used applications such as G Suite, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, and Xero, broadening its utility.
  • Custom lists and filters: Offers sophisticated filtering and list-building tools, enabling effective segmentation and management of contact and sales information.

Benefits of Capsule CRM

  • User-friendly interface: Capsule's straightforward design makes it easy for users of various tech proficiency levels to use.
  • Customization and flexibility: Highly adaptable, Capsule CRM accommodates diverse business requirements and processes.
  • Strong customer support: The platform is noted for its responsive and supportive customer service team.
  • Effective sales pipeline management: The sales pipeline visualization is particularly valued for its ability to oversee deals and predict sales outcomes efficiently.
  • Robust integration capabilities: The seamless connectivity with other platforms like Xero significantly enhances its effectiveness for businesses.

2. Insightly CRM

As an alternative to Knock CRM, Insightly CRM offers many project management features and integration capabilities. However, organizations considering Insightly should be aware of certain challenges.

The platform sets a contact limit of 25,000 on its top-tier plan, which may restrict businesses with large customer databases or those experiencing rapid expansion. On top of that, the cap of 500 custom fields might not be enough for companies requiring extensive customization to capture unique customer details for multifamily owners. Integrations with Insightly are managed through AppConnect, adding a layer of complexity that could complicate the integration efforts for some users.

3. Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM, primarily caters to small businesses and sales teams. While it stands out as another potential alternative, it does come with its own set of considerations for front office technology.

Due to a multitude of add-ons, the billing process can become complicated, resulting in confusion and unexpected costs. Another notable gap in its offering is the absence of native integration with Xero – which could present challenges for businesses that rely on seamless financial management and CRM integration.

Furthermore, API access is restricted to higher-tier plans, limiting the ability of users on basic plans to integrate with other systems and software. For small businesses or those not yet ready to sign up to the higher tiers, this could affect scalability and flexibility.


Looking for a better way to manage properties? Knock CRM is not your only option.

Check out Capsule CRM. It's easy to use, packed with great features, and has excellent support. See how Capsule CRM can make your work easier by signing up for your 14-day free trial.

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