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Best 5 alternatives to Octopus CRM in 2024

Octopus CRM not meeting your expectations? We've found 5 alternatives to better meet your needs.

Rose McMillan · April 25, 2024
Best 5 alternatives to Octopus CRM in 2024

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Are you feeling restricted by Octopus CRM's LinkedIn-centric approach?

If that’s the case, it might be the time for a change.

While Octopus CRM excels in LinkedIn automation, there are better solutions that offer a wider range of functionalities tailored to broader business needs.

Let’s have a look at the best alternatives to Octopus CRM to find the perfect fit for your specific requirements:

What is Octopus CRM?

Octopus CRM is an all-in-one LinkedIn automation tool. It helps LinkedIn users automate their prospecting and business growth efforts.

The software offers features like sending automated connection requests and bulk messaging. It's suitable for business owners, marketing agencies, recruiters, and sales teams.

Key features of Octopus CRM

  1. Automated connection requests: Allows users to send personalized connection requests automatically on LinkedIn.
  2. Connection requests by email: Enables sending connection requests via email to bypass LinkedIn's weekly invite limit.
  3. Bulk messaging: Users can message hundreds of their 1st level connections in bulk.
  4. Auto endorse skills: Automatically endorses up to 7 skills on the profiles of LinkedIn contacts.
  5. LinkedIn profiles visits: Visits hundreds of profiles automatically to increase visibility.
  6. LinkedIn lead generation funnel: Facilitates the creation of a personal LinkedIn lead generation funnel, combining various features to convert prospects into clients.
  7. Performance analytics: Offers statistics and metrics to evaluate the performance of LinkedIn campaigns.

Why should you look for Octopus CRM alternatives

While Octopus CRM has a pretty interesting set of features to offer, it's not perfect. Below, you’ll find a few reasons why users decide to look for other solutions.

Limited customization

Octopus CRM offers a set of features that work well for basic LinkedIn automation. However, it might not fit perfectly with all business models or marketing strategies. Users might look for alternatives to get more customization options that are in line with their unique business needs.

Lack of inbox management

Users cannot manage their LinkedIn inbox directly within Octopus CRM – they have to switch back to LinkedIn to reply to messages. This can disrupt both workflow and efficiency, especially for those solely relying on LinkedIn messaging for business development.

Slow customer support response

Octopus CRM provides customer support mainly via email, with a response time of 4-6 hours. Users looking for quick solutions to their issues might find this frustrating. Immediate support through chat or phone is often a preferred option for resolving urgent problems, yet Octopus CRM doesn’t offer this option.

Compatibility with LinkedIn only

Octopus CRM specializes in LinkedIn automation. This is great for LinkedIn-focused strategies but falls short for businesses looking to integrate their efforts across multiple social platforms. Alternatives offering broader social media integration options can be more appealing.

Best 5 alternatives to Octopus CRM

Because of these shortcomings, you might want to opt for something different.

Lets explore 5 great alternatives to help your business:

1. Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM focuses on streamlining LinkedIn interactions and data management for businesses. With this platform, LinkedIn networking and data use can be integrated with a fully functional CRM system.

Key features

  • LinkedIn contact import: Capsule simplifies the process of importing contacts from LinkedIn. Users can transfer their LinkedIn connections directly into the CRM.
  • Visual sales pipeline: The platform provides a visual representation of the sales pipeline. As such, businesses can track the progress of any leads that come in via LinkedIn until conversion.
  • Customization: Capsule simply suits your specific business requirements. You can use fields, tags, and dashboards that are relevant for managing LinkedIn contacts and activities.
  • Contact management: It offers a structured approach to organizing LinkedIn contacts within Capsule after they’ve been imported, so it's easy to access and manage professional details and interactions.
  • Email integration: Capsule integrates with email services and at the same time facilitates the tracking of email communications with your contacts. This feature means your email interactions can be stored and remain accessible within the CRM.
  • Task management: This CRM system allows you to plan and track tasks related to LinkedIn networking and follow-ups.
  • Mobile access: With Capsule's mobile app, users can manage their contacts and related CRM tasks on the go, so they stay connected and productive at all times.
  • Data security: Capsule's commitment to data security, evidenced by its SOC 2 Type II accreditation, keeps your data and interactions protected.
  • App integration: The platform supports integration with popular apps, which further improves the utility of LinkedIn data across various business operations.

Pros of Capsule CRM

  • Ease of use: Capsule CRM is easy to use and helps users manage LinkedIn contacts with more precision.
  • Responsive support: Capsule's support team answers fast and helps when you need it.
  • Effective sales management: The CRM helps track leads from LinkedIn and plan more efficient sales processes.
  • Flexible customization: Capsule lets businesses adapt it to fit their needs through a variety of methods, including via integrations and its API. This makes it easier to use LinkedIn for networking and sales.

User reviews

  • Sue Keogh: “The thing I like about Capsule is that when I was first getting to know how to use it any time I thought, I wonder if it does this, it always did.”.
  • Hamish Gill: "Capsule helps us keep on top of these relationships. We get in touch with customers every 30 to 60 days to ask about their needs so it’s great having a load of notes in there that covers the details of the last conversation we had."
  • Jan-Paul Kreukniet: “What I love about Capsule is how flexible it is. The majority of apps I use are supported, helping me streamline lots of business operations and activities in a single system.”

Best for:

  • Small to medium-sized businesses: Good for companies needing an easy CRM to start with.
  • Companies focused on email marketing: Thanks to strong email features, Capsule CRM is great for businesses using a lot of email.
  • Sales teams: Perfect for sales groups wanting to manage LinkedIn leads, track sales, and analyze data.
  • Businesses needing customization: Highly suitable for companies that want to customize their CRM.
  • Companies seeking strong integrations: Ideal for businesses seeking a CRM system that can integrate with LinkedIn via no code solutions like Zapier.


Capsule provides a free CRM plan for up to 2 users, which makes it ideal for small companies and teams. See Capsule's pricing for more details.

2. LinkedFusion

LinkedFusion helps you manage your LinkedIn account with ease – you create multiple campaigns to build your own marketing funnel.

Key features

  • Smart lead generation
  • Seamless CRM integration
  • Safe LinkedIn automation
  • Detailed analytics dashboard
  • Custom campaign builder

Considerations and challenges

  • Occasional downtime: Reported disruptions can slow down LinkedIn outreach efforts.
  • Integration issues: LinkedFusion's connection with CRM platforms like HubSpot can be unreliable. This may affect sales and marketing teamwork.
  • AI integration not up to par: Currently, not all AI features for campaigns meet users' expectations. It could lead to less effective LinkedIn automation strategies.
  • User interface complexity: The dashboard can be hard to navigate, especially if they’ve never used third-party software for LinkedIn before. Such complexity can make LinkedIn campaign management more difficult.
  • Not a CRM: You’d need to set up an integration with a CRM to get full functionality to store and manage contacts.


Starts from $46.95 per user per month for the most basic plan. There are two more tiers available, and the monthly cost is $67.95 or $95.95 per user.

3. PhantomBuster

PhantomBuster offers a variety of LinkedIn automation tools. It works with LinkedIn Free and Sales Navigator to help you boost your outreach.

Key features

  • Cloud-based automation
  • Data scraping and extraction
  • Automated outreach campaigns
  • Social media integration
  • Schedule automation tasks

Considerations and challenges

  • Risk of misuse: There's a chance that people might use PhantomBuster in ways that break the rules of LinkedIn or other platforms. It's important for users to follow each platform's rules, or else they'll get blocked or banned.
  • Limited free trial: The trial period for PhantomBuster might not be long enough for users to fully understand the platform. A longer trial could help users learn more about the tool before they buy it.
  • Price for advanced features: PhantomBuster can quickly get expensive, especially for small businesses or individuals.
  • Also not a CRM: It only handles the enrichment aspect of contact management.


PhantomBuster's pricing starts at $56 per month when paid annually. Those with bigger needs can opt-in for a Pro or Team plan for $128 or $352 per month.

4. We-Connect

We-Connect is perfect for automating tasks on your LinkedIn account. It supports creating your own marketing funnel with simple steps.

Key features

  • Campaign management
  • Message personalization
  • Connection request automation
  • In-depth reporting tools
  • Safe-to-use compliance features

Considerations and challenges

  • Frequent bugs: Users report that We-Connect often has bugs. These issues can disrupt LinkedIn automation activities. It makes the tool less reliable for consistent use.
  • Slow support response: The customer support at We-Connect can take 1-2 days before users get help. This delay can be frustrating when immediate assistance is needed.
  • Incognito mode suggestion: When bugs occur, support suggests using Incognito mode for troubleshooting. This solution is inconvenient and not a fix for underlying problems. It can be annoying for users looking for permanent solutions.
  • Difficulty with large contact lists: Some users find managing large contact lists within We-Connect challenging. This can limit the effectiveness of LinkedIn campaigns targeting many prospects.
  • Limited advanced features: Compared to competitors, We-Connect might lack some advanced features. This limitation can make it less appealing for users needing comprehensive LinkedIn automation tools.
  • Not a CRM: We-Connect will only handle the connection aspect of LinkedIn.


We-Connect offers 2 different pricing options. The LinkedIn Plan costs $49 per seat each month. The other, LinkedIn + Email, is $79 per seat every month. The good news is that if you choose annual billing, you get 2 months for free.

5. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup makes LinkedIn account management smooth. You can use it to track your contacts, automate tasks, and create multiple campaigns on LinkedIn at once.

Key features

  • Automated profile visits
  • Auto endorse connections
  • Lead generation toolkits
  • Follow-up messaging
  • Profile data scraping

Considerations and challenges

  • Frequent glitches: Users of Dux-Soup report various technical issues when connecting their LinkedIn accounts.
  • Content update issues: Updating content in a funnel does not change queued activities. Errors in messages can persist even after correction, leading to lowered effectiveness.
  • Learning curve: New users may find Dux-Soup's interface and features outdated. Dux-Soup offers many features, but the onboarding process does not cover them all.
  • Active browser window required: The tool needs the active browser window to run campaigns, which can be problematic at times, according to one user.


Dux-Soup offers plans for individual users as well as teams and agencies. The tool might cost you anywhere from €9.92 to €330 per month, depending on your needs.

How to choose the best Octopus CRM alternatives

Get ready to find the best Octopus CRM alternative with this handy checklist:

Factors to consider

Specialized solution

When choosing between a tool focused on LinkedIn tasks (such as Octopus CRM) and a broader CRM system, consider what you really need. If you mainly use LinkedIn for outreach, a specialized tool might be best. It can automate connections, messages, and help nurture relationships. But if you need to manage interactions across many channels and track leads through the sales process, a full CRM could be better. Think about what fits your business goals and budget before deciding.

Features and functionality

Look for a tool that offers the specific features you need for your LinkedIn automation and CRM tasks. Compare features such as automated messaging, connection requests, follow-up sequences, analytics, and integration capabilities.

Ease of use

Choose a platform that has an intuitive user interface. You want something that your team can learn quickly without extensive training.

Safety and compliance

Check if the alternative complies with LinkedIn’s terms of service to avoid risking your account. Some tools are more intrusive than others, leading to potential bans or penalties from LinkedIn. Some CRM systems integrate with LinkedIn as part of their offering and comply with LinkedIn's rules – so that your account is safe at all times.

Integration with other tools

If you're using other software for email marketing, CRM, or sales automation, make sure the alternative can integrate seamlessly.

Customer support

Look for a service that offers solid customer support that’s made for your needs. Support can be provided through help centers, live chat, email, and community forums. Choose a tool that is the most convenient for your work. If your team works in the same time zone, you might prefer a live chat to get your answers quickly during the same working day. In the case of a disturbed team working in asynchronous mode, waiting for emails might not be an issue.

Pricing and plans

Consider your budget and compare the pricing plans of different alternatives. Look for transparency in pricing and check if there are any hidden costs for add-ons – these can quickly add up.

Key takeaways

  1. Octopus CRM is a great tool, but you should explore other solutions before settling on it. This will help you identify a tool that’s perhaps better suited to your unique business requirements.
  2. Many users seek alternatives to Octopus CRM due to its limitations in customization and lack of broad social media integration. Alternatives may provide more flexibility and integration options.
  3. When evaluating alternatives, pay attention to user interface ease, integration capabilities, customization options, customer support responsiveness, and price points. Each alternative has its strengths and challenges.
  4. Verifying whether the chosen alternative complies with LinkedIn's terms of service is necessary to avoid account penalties. The level of automation should be balanced with safety to protect your LinkedIn presence.

Time to pick your CRM

Choosing the right LinkedIn automation and CRM tool can help your business grow. To make this process easier, you need a tool that offers the right features, is affordable, and easy to use. Consider a tool that is scalable and can also be used for other channels and sales campaigns. This could be the right time to choose a CRM that offers a wide range of features and integrations, such as Capsule CRM.


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