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Duncan Stockdill posted in Product October 29, 2010

We’ve released a much requested set of improvements for the dropbox. It’s always been possible to link an email with an opportunity or case after it’s been posted to Capsule, but now it’s possible to post an email directly to an opportunity or case. Here’s how it works for an opportunity (it’s the same for a case):

Creating a new opportunity

When you receive an email you can create a new opportunity by replacing dropbox@ with opportunity@ when you forward the message to the dropbox. Capsule will create the new opportunity, attaching the email and contact for you automatically.

Attaching to an existing opportunity

Each opportunity in Capsule now has it’s own dropbox address which is found via Actions > Attach an email on the opportunity page:

Dropbox email settings

Starting a track

If you’re using Tracks to follow through on a series of tasks, you can automatically start a track by replacing dropbox@ with the track+[trackname]@ when posting to the dropbox. For example would trigger the track named “welcome pack”.

vCard support

Finally, the dropbox now recognises vCard attachments. If you forward a message with a vCard attachment, the dropbox will auto create the contact for you.


All of these improvements have come about as a result of suggestions from our users on this uservoice thread. Thanks to all on that thread for your ideas and feedback.

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