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Getting Started with Teams and Roles

Teams and Roles in Capsule allow you to organize your Capsule users to reflect your organizational structure. This article explains how to create, edit and remove teams and how to assign the relevant role to a user. If you have any questions whilst getting started with Teams and Roles please email


Teams allow you to group users together to control access to records, assign records to teams and report on team performance.

Creating a team

You can create a new team by going to Account Settings Users and Teams Teams and click Add new Team.

Editing and deleting a team

You may find over time that you need to add or remove users within a particular team. To do this go to Account Settings Users and Teams Teams click on the team you need to update and here you can add or remove users. Users can belong to more than one team.

If you need to change the name of a team or remove it completely click on the Edit button to make the required changes.


In order to add, edit or delete teams you need to be an Administrator user.

Default teams

You can define a user’s default team when inviting them to Capsule or once they are set up as a user by going to Account Settings Users and Teams Users then click on the user’s name.

With a default team defined, any new record a user adds to Capsule will be assigned to their default team. This includes when the user imports contacts and when they create a record via the Capsule drop box or Gmail add-on. If the user does not have a default team defined, records they create will be assigned only to the user.


If records are assigned only to a user they will be visible to all Standard users regardless of their team.


Roles are set at a user level. A user can be any one of four roles:

  • Restricted users only have access to records assigned to themselves.
  • Standard users have access to records assigned to the teams they belong to and any records that haven’t been assigned to a team in Capsule.
  • Administrator users can see all records in all teams. Administrators are also able to configure the account and add or remove users and they have the ability to bulk delete records.
  • Super Administrator have the same role as Administrators but they are also responsible for account billing and restoring deleted records.

To change an existing user’s role within Capsule, go to Account Settings Users and Teams Users then click on the user’s name. Use the drop-down menu under Role to select the appropriate role, then Save.

Assigning records

‘Records’ in Capsule refer to your contacts (people and organizations), cases and opportunities. New records added to Capsule will be assigned to a users default team. If the user does not have a default team defined, records will be assigned to the user.

Reassigning an individual record

If you need to change the user or team that a particular record is assigned to you will need to go to the record, use the Actions menu and then select Edit. Then click the drop-down menu for ‘Owner & Team’ to select the option you need.


When changing the assignment of contacts to a different team you must choose whether or not to reassign open cases and opportunities to the new owner.

Bulk assigning records

Records in Capsule can be assigned or reassigned in bulk via the list pages in Capsule. There are two ways to bulk assign records; firstly by creating a custom list of the records or by selecting records using checkboxes - once you have a list or when all the records have been selected, click Assign > then select to assign the records to a team or owner. Use the search field to select the team/owner the contacts should be assigned to.


If you are a standard or restricted user and you reassign records to a different team or owner you may lose access to these records.

User Activity and Sales Reporting

Sitting alongside teams and roles in Capsule are new reports to help you track, manage and analyse team and user performance. Full details of each of the reports can be found here.

Frequently asked questions about Teams

Why can my standard user see records outside of their team?

If records are unassigned in Capsule or are only assigned to an owner and not a team they will be visible to all standard users. You will need to assign the records to a team to restrict the visibility of these records.

What happens to records created using the Capsule drop box tool or Gmail add-on?

All users can still create records in Capsule using the drop box tool and the Gmail add-on. If a user has a default team defined the records will be assigned to this team.

My Capsule account is integrated with Xero/Kashflow/Sage/Freshbooks/Freeagent, how does Teams in Capsule work with these integrations?

All accounting integrations for Capsule respect the roles and teams you have assigned to your users. This means that if a user does not have access to a contact in Capsule they will not be able to raise invoices, view invoice history or export a contact to the accounting service you integrate with.

It is important to note that with an accounting integration set up new contacts created by the integration will be added to Capsule as Unassigned contacts and therefore visible to all users in the account with the exception of restricted users. If you need to control access to contacts created by an accounting integration you will need to assign the contacts as they are added to Capsule.

What happens to contacts added to my account via the Wufoo or Capsule web form integrations?

By default new Capsule contacts added via our own website form integration or the Wufoo integration will be assigned to the Super Administrator for your Capsule account. It is possible to change this assignment for both integrations to a different user. New form submissions will be added to the users default team.

Why can I still see tasks for users outside of my team?

Restricted users will only ever see tasks assigned to themselves. Standard and Admin users will see all tasks in Capsule. If a user does not have access to the record a task is linked to they will only see the task description.

Do all users need to be on the Teams plan?

The Teams plan is for the account as a whole so it will apply to all users on the account. There’s not a way to enable the Teams features for some users but not others.