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Getting started guide

Adding contacts

The first thing you want to do with your Capsule account is to create some contacts. If you haven’t used a CRM in the past then you can go right ahead and create your first contact from scratch.

To do that, click Add new in the top menu bar and choose either Person or Organization.

If you’ve used a CRM in the past or if you’ve managed your contacts in a spreadsheet then you can import them all into Capsule in one go instead. Check out this article about how to get your contacts out of different services and into Capsule.

Setting up tasks

Once you have contacts in your account it might be a good idea to setup a few tasks reminding you of phone calls you need to make, emails you need to send or meetings to arrange. Find the record that you want to add the task to and add your task using the panel on the right hand side.

Managing your sales pipeline

When you’ve reached out to your potential clients it might be time to setup a sales opportunity for them. Opportunities are a great way to manage potential sales and keep track of all the tasks you need to do for a particular potential client.

Before you can create your first opportunity you need to make sure your opportunity milestones are setup. Click here to read about how to do that.

To create your first sales opportunity, click Add new in the top menu bar and choose Opportunity. Choose the contact which the opportunity relates to and set the different parameters.

Using tracks

If you find that you often do the same tasks for all your opportunities then you should check out tracks. Tracks are a series of pre-defined tasks that you setup yourself. Each task in the track can be setup to start either x days after the track was started or x days after the previous task has been completed.

For example:

  • You might want to start off emailing your potential customer.
  • A few days later it might be time to follow-up with a phone call.
  • A week after that it might be time to arrange a meeting.
  • Finally, a couple of weeks after the meeting you could send out a contract for the customer to sign.

When you’ve created your track like this you can then add it to any opportunity you create. It will save you having to manually create individual tasks for each of these actions.

Storing emails

A lot of our communication these days is via email. It’s a great idea to store email conversations in your Capsule account. That way you’ll get a good overview of your contact with the client and everyone can stay in the loop with what’s going on with them.

We have something we call the Capsule drop box. It’s an email address that you BCC or forward your emails to and Capsule will automatically store the message against the contact in the email conversation. If the contact doesn’t yet exist then we’ll create it as new. Read all about the Capsule drop box here.

Customizing your account

We know that not all businesses are the same. That’s why we’ve made Capsule customizable. You can setup your own custom fields for recording details that might be specific to your own company.

The best way to group your contacts in Capsule is by tagging them with different tags. When tagged you’ll easily see at a glance which group a contact belongs to and you can also use the tags to filter for lists of contacts based on them.

Adding more users

Now it might be time to invite your colleagues to use Capsule as well. To add new users, go to the Account Settings Users and click the button to Add new User

Integrating Capsule

Now you have your account up and running - your tasks setup, opportunities created, fields customized and emails stored - it might be time to bring Capsule together with your other favorite apps. If you need to do some email marketing then check out our MailChimp integration or see what can be setup via Zapier.

For those of you using G Suite we have a brilliant integration which enables single sign-on. You can also install our Gmail add-on for all users on your domain to allow you and your team to use Capsule from your Gmail inbox.

Other Google users might also enjoy our gmail, contacts and calendar integrations. Gmail users can also install our Gmail add-on to store conversations and use Capsule inside Gmail.

We also integrate with a number of accounting services. Our integrations will sync your contacts as well as let you view invoice details from your accounting system without leaving Capsule. Read more here.

Using Capsule on the go

For those on the move, the Capsule mobile app is worth checking out. It’s available for both iPhones and Android.


The best way to get to know Capsule is to give it a go by signing up to a free trial or a fully free account.

We don’t offer any on-site or online training ourselves however should you have any questions then please just send them in to and we’ll be happy to help you out.