How technology affects our brain

Our recent research found 1 in 4 people don’t know their own mobile phone number and 69% don’t know their partner’s. Are we all at risk of digital amnesia?

How to improve sales conversion rates

Looking to improve your sales conversion rates? Here are 7 proven tips to boost your figures.

Customer loyalty helps your business grow

Treat your customers well, and they’ll be a lifelong advocate for your brand. Here are six tips you can implement straight away.

Win more deals, build relationships

People buy from people. Read our proven tips to help you build strong relationships guaranteed to drive more sales.

How to propel your lead generation efforts in 2020

Here are five ways to boost your real estate lead generation efforts in 2020.

How to Choose the Right Sales Pipeline Management Software

Your sales pipeline is a powerful tool with the potential to drive new connections and win more deals. Read our proven tips to help you successfully implement the right software.

Sales Analytics: Definition and the Fundamentals

Sales analytics turn data into action here's a step-by-step plan to help you build the fundamentals.

What is sales tracking software and do I need it? | Capsule CRM

Getting the right sales tools in place has a huge impact on business growth. Here’s what to look for when choosing what’s best for your business.

Lead Management: the What, Why and How

Implementing an effective lead management process is well worth the effort, it will help focus your sales team on the deals more likely to convert and boost your sales.

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