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Why now is the time to switch to a cloud-based phone system

As the way we work keeps on shifting so do the tools we need. Find out why adding a cloud-based phone system to your tech stack can enhance the way you do business and offer a better experience for your customers.

CircleLoop · October 3, 2022
Why now is the time to switch to a cloud-based phone system

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Unsurprisingly, there’s been a 10 percent drop in face-to-face interactions over the last few years. The pandemic and the continued rise of remote work have shifted the way we communicate with both our colleagues and our customers.

Effective communication is what drives business. From the smallest start-up to global powerhouses, without the right communication tools in place businesses are hindering growth. The phone system is one tool that, when utilised effectively, can boost productivity and improve colleague satisfaction.

Here’s why cloud-based telephony systems in particular are making the difference for businesses around the world.

  • Better Support for Remote Working
  • Boost Productivity
  • Fewer Time-Consuming Hardware Problems
  • A System That’s Future Proof
  • Fast and Seamless Integrations

Better Support for Remote Working

Staff no longer must work next to a static, landline desk phone. Many of us are working remotely, or as part of a hybrid approach where we split our time between the office and home. Wherever we’re working, we need a phone system that can move with us – even if it’s to a nearby coffee shop.

A traditional phone system just doesn’t offer the necessary flexibility that this new way of working demands. You’d have a set phone that wouldn’t be able to move around the office with you, potentially decreasing productivity.

Cloud-based phone systems are more flexible and versatile, allowing you to be mobile while still available. Any device, from a laptop to a mobile phone, can be your business phone – it doesn’t need to be a handset at a desk. Staff are always accessible and your customers will have no idea they’re not calling the office.

Boost Productivity

To put it simply, cloud telephony systems are just more advanced. They offer a wide range of useful features that staff can utilise while working. Tasks are carried out faster because it’s easier to communicate with others and get the answers someone might need.

With access to call recording, easy transfers and detailed analytics, staff can use the phone system to be more productive and collaborative with each other. They’ll have the tools they need to manage calls easily and make sure clients are speaking to the right people.

Productivity is boosted by sophisticated call funnelling and staff won’t need to deal with frantically searching the office looking for the person that’s needed on a call, while the client waits impatiently on the other end of the line with an issue.

Fewer Time-Consuming Hardware Problems

Switch to a cloud telephony system and you won’t have to worry about outdated and bulky hardware. This can free up valuable space in your office, giving your staff more room to work. There are no longer any huge capital expenditure costs because cloud systems often operate via a service model that will scale as you need it to.

You won’t have to think about how many phones you need to invest in for your growing business. Simply add users as new members join the team or remove them if you’re scaling down after a complex project has come to an end.

You’re in complete control and can have as many or as few accounts as necessary. The setup process is simple and straightforward, allowing your team to spend more time on the tasks that contribute to business growth.

A System That’s Future Proof

Traditional phone systems are exactly that - ‘traditional’. They’re sometimes not equipped to deal with some of today’s ever-evolving business issues. Cloud-based telephony systems are in constant development with new features and improvements added all the time.

As your business grows, you need a phone system in place that’s ready to scale alongside you without falling behind in performance. A legacy system that once worked perfectly might soon become obsolete as your demands change.

Fast and Seamless Integrations

The more streamlined and cohesive your tech stack is, the faster your team can work. Seamless integrations reduce awkward bottlenecks and ensure staff have the data and resources they need to work quickly and efficiently.

CircleLoop, for example, is a cloud-based phone system that integrates with a huge range of other applications to make your life easier. Capsule, Help Scout and Xero are just some of the integrations with the phone system to speed up tasks.

CircleLoop enhances your Capsule experience, by adding the full capabilities of a business phone system right inside your CRM platform. Allowing you to log all call activity, add different numbers for your users and its very own call analytics. These work well alongside Capsule’s own CRM analytics to give you an oversight of what’s going on with your sales pipeline. You can check out our integration with CircleLoop here:

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