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Sales Pipeline and Reporting

Get a visual representation of where your sales are within the pipeline and learn how to create meaningful sales reports.

Sales Pipeline view

The pipeline view gives you a visual overview of your sales opportunities and makes it really easy to both track and move your opportunities throughout the sales process.

When you visit the pipeline view, you’ll see all the opportunities assigned to your Capsule user arranged by milestone.

Changing an opportunities milestones

To change a milestone, simply drag and drop the card for your opportunity between the milestone columns.

Marking an opportunity as won or lost

When you’ve won or lost an opportunity, drag it towards the bottom of the screen and drop it it on either the ‘Lost’ or ‘Won’ box. If you have multiple ‘Won’ or ‘Lost’ milestones configured, select the final milestone to close the opportunity on, then click ‘Move’.

Viewing won or lost opportunities

When an opportunity is won or lost it’s automatically marked as closed and removed from the pipeline view. To find your closed opportunities, click the link for X Opportunities Closed in last 30 days in the top right of the screen.

Reopening a closed opportunity

If you need to reopen an opportunity for any reason go to the list of closed opportunities, click the opportunity name then change it’s milestone to an open one. The opportunity will now be visible again in the pipeline.

How are my opportunities ordered?

From left to right, the milestone columns are ordered by the probability of winning from 1%-99%. Then in each column, opportunties are ordered alphabetically by the name of the contact the opportunity is related to.

Viewing another user’s pipeline

Above the pipeline view you can filter for opportunities assigned to another user.


Users on the Teams plan for Capsule can also filter the pipeline view by team as well as user.

Editing or deleting an opportunity from the pipeline view

Position your cursor over an opportunity and click the Actions menu to edit or delete the opportunity.

Opportunity Reporting

Capsule has a number of standard lists you can access by going to the Sales Pipeline > Saved List:

You decide how you would like to use this list. For example, you may want to export the list or tag all these opportunities.

Instead of a standard list, you may wish to create your own list by adding filters. For example, creating a list for following up opportunities that have had no action in the last 30 days:

To save a list for future use:

  • Click on the Saved Lists drop down menu
  • Use the option to Save list as…
  • Name the list and then decide if you’d like the saved list to be shared with the rest of the team or just be visible to yourself
  • Click Save and you will now be able to see the saved list displayed in the drop down menu

Find opportunities based on their value

It can sometimes be useful to find all your opportunities that are over a certain value. To use that:

Go to your Sales Pipeline List and then filter for [Value][is greater than] [USD -\$][10000].

This will find all your opportunities where the total expected value is over $10,000. That includes opportunities that are setup with recurring revenue e.g. where the expected value is $3,000/month over 4 months.

Filter opportunities by their currency

If you’re working with multiple currencies then it can also be helpful to further narrow down the list to only opportunities with a specific currency. To do that:

Go to your Sales Pipeline List and then filter for [Currency][is] [GBP -£].

Sales Pipeline Dashboard

You can quickly get a summary position of your sales pipeline:

  • Pipeline Forecast shows the estimated income generated from your pipeline. It is the Pipeline Value distributed by month.
  • Pipeline Value is the sum of all open opportunities multiplied by their milestone percentages. This shows your pipeline’s expected income.
  • Total Value is the sum of all opportunities (excluding milestone percentages). This shows your pipeline’s maximum income.
  • Pipeline by Milestone is a count of all open opportunities that have reached each milestone. At a glance you can see if your pipeline is a healthy funnel shape.
  • Conversion Rate calculates the number of successful opportunities against all opportunities that are being closed over the last month, quarter and year.

Using the Pipeline Forecast Graph

If you want to see your projected sales over time you can use the Sales Pipeline Forecast. The forecast graph will show you your projected sales based on open opportunities in your Capsule account.

In order for your sales opportunities to appear on the graph you need to enter an expected close date and an expected amount on your opportunities. Along with the milestone (and its expected probability) users can get an estimated value of their sales pipeline.

Both of these things are setup when you create the opportunity - it looks like this:

Once you have a few opportunities with expected values and close dates, your sales pipeline graph will look something like this:

And the milestones will be plotted like this: