CRM for Auto Dealers

CRM for auto dealers boosts customer service, amplifies sales efforts, and refines marketing strategies.

It also tailors its approach to help auto dealers efficiently find leads, manage comprehensive customer data, and foster lasting customer relationships.

By integrating an automotive CRM into their operations, dealerships can streamline sales processes and improve communication, ultimately driving more sales.

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Capsule's key features tailored for auto dealerships

Capsule CRM offers features to help your auto dealer business be as seamless as possible.

From client communication to lead management to closing deals, auto dealing has never been as efficient. Some features in Capsule’s CRM for auto dealers are outlined below.

Unify your dealership team

Capsule CRM eliminates the tedious task of manual data entry, helping build a more streamlined workflow.

By consolidating all client communications—whether they be emails, calls, files, or notes—into a single record, it ensures that every team member is on the same page.

This centralized system not only enhances team collaboration, but also allows each member to focus on roles that have a significant impact on the dealership's success.

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Monitor your dealership's performance

Understanding the dynamics of your dealership's performance is crucial, and Capsule CRM makes this easy.

By tracking both won and lost sales opportunities and analyzing the duration and specifics of sales by location, it helps dealers make informed, data-driven decisions.

Also, Capsule CRM offers dealerships sales pipeline visibility, providing a clear picture of each prospect's status in sales processes. This helps you to create targeted sales strategies and nurture sequences.

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Energize your dealership's tasks and calendar

Efficiently manage your auto dealership's operations by setting up tasks for sales appointments, client meetings, follow-up calls, and submission deadlines.

Prevent the loss of valuable customer relationship histories with Capsule CRM’s comprehensive tasks and calendar tools.

Ensure every aspect of your dealership's day-to-day activities is organized and easily accessible, keeping your own sales team on track and your client relationships strong.

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Flexible CRM for your dealership

Every dealership is unique. Capsule CRM recognizes this, offering extensive customization options helping to meet the specific needs of your dealership.

From custom fields and activity types to designing multiple sales pipelines for different services, our CRM will help with your dealership's operations.

To ensure your CRM is as customized as possible, we offer integrations to systems such as dealership management systems (DMS), email marketing automation tools, social media platforms, and accounting software.

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Enhance your dealership with Capsule CRM’s integrations

Enable your auto dealer staff to boost their selling capacity by linking Capsule CRM to other integrations and software. Use our integrations to create personalized dealer CRM software. Exceed your auto dealer’s objectives and business goals with Capsule’s integrations.

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QuickBooks helps you streamline your accounting processes and stay on top of finances.


Place calls directly from Capsule, access call recordings and voicemails and sync your contacts.

Our human receptionists harness the power of AI to elevate your customer experience.

Better Proposals

Quickly and simply send beautiful proposals that make you stand out and win business.

Why you need an automotive CRM

Mobile CRM for auto dealerships

Capsule's CRM mobile app is perfect for auto dealers who are always on the move. Dealership owners can manage multiple client accounts and sales projects, on the go, easily.

Free CRM for auto dealers

Discover the benefits of CRMs for your dealership with Capsule.

From nurturing client relationships to boosting revenue and profitability, Capsule CRM is designed to help your dealership succeed.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial to find the right plan for your dealership's needs, with options ranging from Starter to Ultimate.

Once your trial has ended, choose from one of four paid plans - Starter, Growth, Advanced, and Ultimate.

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Capsule CRM: a trusted platform for auto dealers

With Capsule CRM, the challenge of centralizing data is a thing of the past.

Our Contact Management Software tool ensures that your customer communications can be kept in one place - simplifying communications with your automotive clients.

Our affordable software paired with its features is why the auto industry and dealers get value from our CRM software. Try Capsule today.

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