What we brought you in 2022

What we brought you in 2022

It’s time for our roundup of what we’ve delivered over the last year, and 2022 was our biggest yet. Let’s take a look.

More added to our Outlook Add-in

Outlook Add-in for Capsule

As always, our starting point was what our customers were telling us that they would like to see, so we began by adding further functionality to our Outlook Add-in. This included the ability to:

  • Store entire conversation threads on the Teams and Enterprise plans
  • Enable automatic contact storage
  • Add Tasks from the Add-In
  • Use the Add-In from the iOS Outlook App

If you’re an Outlook user and haven’t tried our integration yet find out more here.

Set up your Facebook Lead Ads trigger

How to set up your Facebook Lead Ads trigger

Zapier lets you create trigger-based workflows called Zaps. In this instance, when a lead is collected in Facebook we’re sending this information over to Capsule. You can create Zaps from scratch but here’s a quick template we’ve made to get you started. This will add a Facebook lead to Capsule as a new Contact.

A seamless integration with Transpond

Integrating Transpond with Capsule

In Transpond we have an intuitive marketing tool to match our CRM. When you use it alongside Capsule it should feel like a natural extension of the experience you already know.

We released our new integration with Transpond in June, which enables you to get started and import your contacts within minutes, as well as use your Tags within Capsule to segment data. Syncing data between apps couldn’t be easier as it’s managed via either Capsule or Transpond. From within Capsule, you can also check a contact’s engagement with your communications via the dedicated sidebar.

This is just scratching the surface as Transpond provides a whole host of powerful features, including website tracking, web forms, transactional emails and powerful analytics.

Find out more about Transpond here.

We made managing projects more intuitive

Project Management in Capsule

June was a very busy month! We also released our revamped Project Management feature (previously known as Cases).

Renaming Cases was the first step. We focussed on making it easier to understand exactly where your work was up to, without having to switch between apps. Project boards allow you to add Projects and define critical stages, a kanban lets you quickly move work between stages and the feature makes it easier to collaborate as a team.

Find out more about Projects here.

Other improvements you may have missed

We also kept plugging away behind the scenes to provide you with a range of other updates including adding more recipients to your email templates within Capsule, and the ability to disable Drop Box tasks.

Read about them here.

So another busy year with some great features delivered. Why not give them a try today or contact our Support Team if you’d like to find out more? We look forward to bringing you many more in 2023.

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