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Top 3 alternatives to Pipedrive web forms

We explore Pipedrive's web forms, the pros and cons, and the best alternatives on the web.

Olivia MacCunn · June 5, 2024
Top 3 alternatives to Pipedrive web formsTop 3 alternatives to Pipedrive web forms

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Wrestling with Pipedrive Web Forms and finding they don't meet your business needs? You're not alone.

Many businesses find themselves in a bind, needing more flexibility or features than what Pipedrive can offer.

If you're ready for something different, this article reviews the top three alternatives to help with better sales and marketing strategies.

These options may just be the upgrade your lead management system needs, so let's jump right in.

What is a Pipedrive web form?

Screenshot of Pipedrive's webforms landing page

Pipedrive's web form captures lead information directly through a website or social media channel. It lets users create customizable forms that integrate with Pipedrive's CRM system.

These forms can be styled to match a company’s branding and configured to collect specific information that is valuable for sales and marketing purposes.

Once a visitor completes a form, the data is instantly transferred to Pipedrive. That's where it can be categorized and actioned according to predefined workflows.

Pipedrive's online Web Form features:

  1. Form customization: With Pipedrive, you can design web forms that capture specific details and information tailored to your sales process. your brand’s visual identity.
  2. Online form sharing: Easily add them to your website, send them to contacts via email, or share them across social media platforms.
  3. Lead capture and storage: Don't miss a single lead. With customizable form fields, you can collect meaningful data. Once done, this information populatesPipedrive as leads or deals, so you can focus your outreach where it counts the most.
  4. CRM integration: Keep everything in sync. When someone fills out your form, their data lands directly in your CRM. You can then sort it, set up notifications, and create workflows that keep your team moving forward without missing a beat.
  5. Data protection: With Pipedrive, your information flows straight into your CRM without passing through third-party apps. That's how you cut down the risk of data leaks.
  6. Trends analysis: Spot trends in your form submissions. This insight can help you tweak your sales strategy and find new opportunities to increase your revenue.

Why should you look for a new web form provider?

When considering a web form solution, there are a few reasons why you might think twice about sticking with Pipedrive.

#1 - Limited availability

Pipedrive’s web forms aren’t just readily available - they’re tucked away in the LeadBooster add-on. To get your hands on the web forms, you have to subscribe to this extra package.

Screenshot of Pipedrive's Leadbooster add-on

# - Unnecessary add-ons

Signing up for LeadBooster means you’ll also need to pay for ChatBot, Live Chat, and Prospector. If you’re simply after a web forms tool, these extra tools could be extra cost and burden you don’t need.

Screenshot shows the unnecessary add-ons in the leadbooster package

#3 - Budgetary concerns

Cost is another sticking point. Pipedrive itself isn’t free, and the LeadBooster add-on (essential if you want Pipedrive forms) starts at an additional $39 per month per company.

This can quickly become costly, especially for smaller businesses or those needing a simple web form solution without the need for an extensive CRM system or additional lead generation tools.

Best 3 alternatives to Pipedrive web forms

While Pipedrive Web Forms is a simple solution for lead management, they are part of a broader system that may not meet everyone's needs.

For businesses after certain features or integrations that Pipedrive doesn't offer, these alternatives may be useful.

So here they are:

#1 - Transpond

View of Transpond's website. The header text reads The easy to use marketing platform

Transpond by Capsule is an email marketing platform designed to make your email marketing more efficient and effective.

At the heart of its functionality are powerful web forms. They help you capture and nurture leads directly from your website or social media channels.

With Transpond, you can choose numerous form types and themes, customizing each to fit your brand and meet your specific data collection needs.

Whether you opt for an embedded form that blends easily into your website or a hosted form that uses Transpond’s design tools for a polished look, you’ll be able to turn casual visitors into committed subscribers.

Plus, Transpond’s integrated analytics tools allow you to track the performance of your forms, measuring impressions and conversion rates to optimize your engagement strategies.

Transpond - key features

  1. Landing page redirects: Make every signup feel unique. With Transpond, you can send subscribers to a custom-designed landing page the moment they hit 'submit'. You’ll not only confirm their subscription but it also keeps the experience smooth and professionally branded - just like the rest of your online presence.
  2. Confirmation emails: Transpond takes security seriously with a double opt-in process. When someone signs up, they’ll get a confirmation email to confirm it’s really them. It’s an extra step towards building a trustworthy relationship with your customers..
  3. Duplicate email detection: Transpond automatically checks for duplicates whenever someone signs up. If an email already exists, you can guide the user with a custom message or redirect, keeping your email lists clean and your users' expectations managed.
  4. Two web form formats: Whether you want a landing page that pops or prefer to keep things subtle with an embedded form, Transpond makes it simple. Choose the style that fits your site and start gathering data without disrupting your user's journey.
  5. Analytics: Do you want to know what’s working and what’s not? With Transpond’s analytics, you can track how many people are seeing your forms and how many users are filling them out. It’s all about refining your approach to boost those conversion rates sky-high.
  6. AI Content Assistant: Use AI to quickly generate compelling content for your email campaigns, all so your messaging is engaging and timely.
  7. Developer API: Get comprehensive access to the Transpond platform through a simple API, which opens the door to customized integrations and enhancements.

Transpond - user reviews

Verified User in Real Estate: "I found it one of the fastest email marketing tools. It delivers emails in just a matter of seconds which is very impressive. It also provides very intuitive sign up forms which are very much helpful for increasing subscriber base."

Verified User in Food & Beverages: "I like how it’s easy to navigate everything for myself."

Denton C.: "Options for embedding your sign-up form or button are included and you are given the opportunity to preview all created newsletters as well as test them for spam filtering. Overall, very cost-efficient and easy to use."

Transpond is best for

  • Small business owners: Collect customer information quickly and boost your sales team's productivity. Using the user-friendly form editor, customizing forms to reflect your brand is easy. Capture the essentials from website visitors easily to make every form submission count towards your growth goals.
  • Marketing professionals: If you're looking for a powerful way to convert your traffic into solid leads, these lead generation forms are your best bet. They look good on your website, so your marketing efforts align perfectly with your strategic goals. Use the form style options to create visually appealing forms that speak to your audience and keep those leads coming.
  • Ecommerce sites: Increase your sales by capturing lead data at every possible point of contact. With options to select web forms that integrate with other systems, you can master your customer journey from initial visit to final sale. These forms work hard behind the scenes so your sales teams have everything they need to close deals faster.
  • Tech startups: The signup forms come with advanced options that let you create detailed forms tailored to gather the data you truly need. Integrate directly with your tech stack, manage web form language effortlessly, and make data-driven decisions that push your business forward.
  • Event organizers: Use these forms to gather sign-ups for your next big event. With easy-to-use tools in the form editor, you can set up everything from simple RSVP forms to detailed registration forms that collect attendee information.


Start for free with basic features and a single-user login. This is perfect to try and see how it works without a financial commitment.

As your needs grow, choose from several tiers:

  • Essentials at £7 per month;
  • Professional at £14;
  • or the fully loaded Premium plan at £68 per month

All of the above is billed annually.

Each step has more features such as unlimited email sends, more complex automation, and powerful tracking capabilities across multiple sites. Plus, you’ll save 10% by opting for annual billing. Learn more about Transpond pricing.

Transpond integrates easily with tools like Capsule CRM and many others.

#2 - HubSpot

Screenshot of HubSpot's landing page for their web forms

With HubSpot's forms, you can collect information from your website visitors. Thanks to their online form builder, it's possible to create custom forms that not only gather data but also, integrate with HubSpot's CRM. This means every visitor's detail is directly funneled into your database.

HubSpot forms - key features

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • CRM integration
  • Dynamic fields
  • Automated follow-up emails
  • Lead nurturing

HubSpot forms - considerations and challenges

Not for beginners: The system, with all its forms, contacts, and workflows, can be overwhelming. If you’re not pretty savvy with this kind of tool, expect to spend a lot of time figuring things out. It’s not just a few clicks here and there - things get complex fast.

Quote from G2 reads "I would say HubSpot can be quite intimidating with forms, contacts, workflow. A small process can be a bit length with HubSpot. Only mid to expert levels can use this program efficiently.

Messy performance reports: When you’re trying to check how your forms are doing, having test submissions can skew your data. It’s frustrating because you need to test to make sure everything works. But then all that fake data sticks around and clutters up your real statistics.

G2 review read "we were unable to exclude test submissions from the performance report which is a bit counter intuitive. It messes up the numbers"

HubSpot forms - pricing

HubSpot’s form builder is accessible within its free tier, which sounds like a bargain - initially. However, as your needs grow, so does the necessity to upgrade to premium plans where costs can quickly escalate.

This pricing model might make you think twice if your budget is tight or if you're looking to maximize advanced features without a big investment.

What CRM works best for you? We compared Pipedrive and Hubspot

#3 - Freshsales by Freshworks

Screenshot of the web forms landing page by Freshsales

Freshsales Forms lets you gather critical visitor data right when their interest peaks, which is then funneled straight into the Freshsales CRM to improve your sales efforts.

Key features

  • Classic forms
  • Smart forms
  • 360° lead view
  • Automated data collection
  • Personalized engagement

Considerations and challenges

Costly upgrades: If you're going to use intelligent contact forms, be prepared for a big cost increase. Upgrading to a plan with these smarter forms means shelling out for a much more expensive tier, which may not always justify the expense depending on your needs.

This G2 review reads "If you want to use intelligent contact forms on your website you need to upgrade all accounts to a much more expensive plan"

No duplication feature in classic forms: Users find it frustrating that they can't duplicate existing forms. Every time you need a new form, you’ll have to start from square one. This can be a pretty time-consuming process.

G2 review reads "I do not like it. In the classic forms, every time I want to create a new one, I don't have the option to duplicate it and I have to do it all from scratch".

Integration limitations: The web forms struggle to integrate seamlessly with tools like Google Forms. This can be a major drawback if you rely on multiple platforms to streamline your data collection and management processes.

G2 review reads "Web Forms have limitations. It cannot be easily automated with Google Formns"

Learn how to get leads from a website form into CRM software


Opting for Freshsales Forms might seem like a smart financial move with the free trial, however,

Once the trial period is up, you'll need to choose a plan that can quickly bump up the cost, especially if you’re looking for more sophisticated features.

Each tier offers more features but remember: the price tag grows with them.

Try to really think about what features you need versus nice-to-haves before committing.

How to choose the best Pipedrive Form alternatives?

1. Sync with your sales team: Your new tool should work well with your sales team's workflow. Find a solution that doesn't just collect data but also makes it easy for your team to access and use it. The smoother the integration, the faster your team can act on leads.

2. Flexibility in form design: Not all forms are created equal. You want a tool that lets you design forms that reflect your brand's style. A form that looks good and feels intuitive can make a big difference in how many people complete it.

3. Handling complex forms with ease: If your business needs more than just name and email, look for a platform that handles complex forms without a hiccup. Whether it’s multiple pages, conditional logic, or advanced data fields, your chosen tool should be up to the task.

Top alternatives to Pipedrive web forms: a summary

Remember finding the right lead management tool is key for any sales-driven business.

The alternatives to Pipedrive web forms discussed here have some great functionalities that might better meet your needs.

Whether it's better integration capabilities, more robust form customization, or budget-friendly solutions, each option has unique advantages worth considering.

Transpond integrates seamlessly into Capsule CRM to centralize your contacts and campaigns. Try any plan at Capsule for free for 14 days.