New in Capsule: Update to tasks & new buttons

Dom Briggs posted in Product August 2, 2012

We have made some new design and functionality changes to Capsule that we’d like to tell you about. First off, we have now added the ability to add notes to tasks. This has been a popular request and we hope you find it useful. To add a note to a task, click to edit the task > click the link to add more details. A note box will appear on the left hand side where you can enter any additional details about the task. In addition, you can now edit a task simply by clicking on the task title.

Task details

The ‘Actions’ buttons on contacts, cases & opportunity records have been re-designed to stand out more. You’ll find buttons ‘Add Person’, ‘Add Organisation’ and ‘Import’ on the ‘People & Organisations’ screen have also been given a similar refresh.

Actions button

Add button

In this realease we also experimented with moving the tasks list to the right hand side on the dashboard. However, the overall feedback was that the task list worked better on the left hand side. Based on this we have decided to move it back to it’s original place on the left hand side.

We hope you guys like the new design updates. If you have any more feedback we would love to hear about it in the comments on this blog post.

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