CRM for Office 365

CRM for Office 365 streamlines how you manage customer interactions and relationships across your business.

A CRM for Office 365 works with Outlook and other Microsoft software to bring you a unified platform for overseeing sales, marketing, customer service, and support activities.

This integration lets your team easily track communications and schedule appointments in the Office 365 environment.

Experience how Capsule CRM for Office 365 can transform your customer management by integrating effortlessly with the tools your team is already familiar with.

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Key features for Capsule’s CRM for Office 365

Integrating Capsule CRM with Office 365 can help with your business's efficiency and customer satisfaction. Here’s the key features:

Contact and transaction management

Integrated with Office 365, Capsule CRM streamlines contact and transaction management, making it easier to match client needs with your offerings.

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An intuitive platform

Capsule CRM for Office 365 is an intuitive platform that's easily accessible, regardless of technical skill levels.

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Transparent analytics

Use detailed analytics provided by Capsule CRM to get a comprehensive view of your sales.

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Customizable CRM for Office 365

Capsule CRM for Office 365 is flexible enough to customize parts of your CRM, with various custom activity types.

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Boost your business operations with Office 365 integrations

Explore Capsule’s CRM for Office 365 in further depth by exploring our integration which includes Office 365 add-ons and other essential software. By leveraging our wide range of integrations, you ensure that all software you use works harmoniously, maximizing efficiency and productivity across your organization.

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CRM for Outlook

Enhance email productivity. Integrate Capsule's CRM and sales tools into your Outlook account.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Sync your Microsoft Outlook Calendar with Capsule to create an agenda view of upcoming events.

Microsoft Single Sign On

Enable Capsule Single Sign-On for Microsoft 365 to simplify your login process and enhance security.

Microsoft Power Automate

Elevate business productivity with task automation and save time using Microsoft Power Automate.

Why businesses benefit from CRM for Office 365

By centralizing client information, communication histories, and preferences, companies can improve operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

Also, integrating a CRM with Office 365 improves financial management. This provides accurate reporting and budgeting, supporting informed decision-making and robust project planning capabilities.

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Free CRM solutions for Office 365 users

Integrating Capsule CRM into your Office 365 workflow enables your business to streamline processes, enhance customer relations, and drive profitability.

Experience Capsule CRM at no cost and see how we can transform your business dynamics.

We offer a 14-day free trial across all paid CRM plans. This trial provides full access to both our web and mobile CRM platforms, allowing you to explore the full breadth of Capsule's capabilities.

Following your trial, select from our range of paid plans – Starter, Growth, Advanced, and Ultimate – each designed to cater to your own small business needs.

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Capsule CRM: the trusted partner for business success

Setting up and centralizing your business data is easy with Capsule CRM. Our platform is equipped with numerous features that’ll boost the efficiency of your operations. For instance, our Email Templates mean you can create and save email templates for your team to access, great for speeding up time spend sending and replying to emails. Our array of features, coupled with competitive pricing, makes Capsule CRM the go-to choice for businesses leveraging Office 365. Explore what Capsule CRM has to offer and join the satisfied users who have made Capsule their trusted CRM solution.

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