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Grow your business with our new Growth plan

Introducing Teams and Roles to help your business grow with Capsule

Duncan Stockdill · November 13, 2018
Grow your business with our new Growth plan

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Today, we’re launching a powerful new upgrade that helps you and your business grow with Capsule. Say “hello” to our new Growth plan.

We started Capsule with the vision of providing simple, powerful tools that help businesses take care of customers and make the most of sales opportunities. With over 15,000 businesses using Capsule, spanning a wide range of industries, sizes and structures, we’ve improved on this initial vision by introducing much-anticipated tools that help businesses manage larger teams.

At the heart of the Growth plan are Teams and Roles. These simple concepts enable powerful controls that scale from small to large organizations, and support an easy upgrade path for customers as they grow. You can now organize your users into teams, control who can see what by applying one of the three user roles available, and report on performance across your entire business.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what you can do with Teams and Roles.

Working with Teams

With the Growth plan, you can allocate your leads, customers and sales opportunities to teams that match your organizational structure, and then secure access through team membership. Is your company organized into departments? Create teams and assign different records to each department. Or, you could just create a single team for your management group who can then access more sensitive records. Whether your business is centered around a core team or divided into multiple groups, there’s a way that Teams can work for you.

Using Teams to secure sensitive contacts

You might not want to share all contacts, think about advisors and investors for example, with everyone on your account. Teams gives you the control you need to restrict access to those contacts. Just create a separate team in your account and assign any sensitive contacts to that team. Now only users you add to that particular team can access those contacts.

Restricting users to their own records

Businesses often outsource work and those people need access to some parts of Capsule too, but not all of it. Equally, salespeople often only need and want access to their own records. We’ve got you covered with that too. Just choose the new “Restricted” user role on a person’s user settings and they’ll only see the records that they own. Any records which aren’t assigned to a team or owner will be available to all users who aren’t restricted users.

Real relationship management

In Capsule you can already own and assign ownership to sales opportunities, cases and tasks. With this update, we’ve extended this feature to organizations and people. Now each account or lead can be assigned an owner, ensuring that there is someone responsible for taking care of all relationships.

Reports you can act on

Alongside Teams and Roles, we’re introducing an advanced set of reports for the Growth plan to give businesses deeper insight into performance across their whole company. See what opportunities you’ve won and lost and then drill down to see this over time, by owner and by team - helping you to identify successes and roadblocks. The pipeline reports show you the number of sales opportunities by team, owner, and milestone as well as a pipeline forecast that allows you to see projected revenue. The powerful filters available on each report empower your team to analyze and present the numbers the way they want to.

Activity reporting specific to your business

Tracking user activity helps you and your team understand all of the communication your organization has had with each contact. We’ve recently added to the Starter plan Call and Meeting as new activity types that can be logged alongside Notes on a contact’s history. We know that every business isn’t the same, that’s why with the Growth plan you can add custom activity types for your users to log. You can then see these custom activity types on activity reports which detail who did what and when.

An integration for business intelligence Coming soon

Connect Google Data Studio to Capsule and combine Capsule opportunity data with other sources to create interactive dashboards and build powerful reports that enable you to make better business decisions.

This feature will be available very soon. We are currently waiting for Google to review the Capsule connector for Data Studio.

Getting started with the Growth plan

All the features mentioned above are available on the new Growth plan. In addition, on the Growth plan you'll also be able to store up to 60,000 contacts compared to 30,000 on the Starter plan.

If you're not already using Capsule, you can sign up for a free trial of any of our plans from our pricing page and be up and running in minutes.

If you’re already a Capsule Starter customer, we’ll be sending you details of the Growth plan and pricing. You can start a trial of the Growth plan by upgrading to Growth at no extra cost until Feb. 1st 2019. If the Growth plan isn’t for you, alongside launching this new plan we’ve also expanded the features available on the Starter plan to include activity reporting, a sales volume report and new activity types such as call and meeting.

For more in-depth information on how to use Teams take a look at our Getting Started Guide for Teams and Roles. We’re really excited to share this new addition to Capsule with you and hope we can help you get the most out of it in order to support you in growing your business.

If you have any questions or need any support, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

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