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From Monday Blues to Monday Wins: Can CRM Monday Make the Difference?

Explore what CRM Monday is and why it may or may not be the best solution for your business.

Jon Davis · September 11, 2023
From Monday Blues to Monday Wins: Can CRM Monday Make the Difference?

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Ah, Mondays. They can be a fresh start or a dreaded beginning, depending on how you look at it.

But when it comes to Monday sales CRM, is it the game changer your business needs or just another case of the Monday blues?

We're putting Monday CRM under the magnifying glass to see if it's worth your time and investment.

What is CRM Monday?

Monday Sales CRM is an extension of the popular project management platform, designed to manage customer relationships.

It’s used to streamline your sales pipeline, keep track of customer interactions, and improve team collaboration. Essentially, it's's answer to the growing need for integrated CRM solutions within an existing ecosystem.

CRM Monday key features

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let's take a quick look at what Monday sales CRM software involves:

  • Contact management – Easily store and manage contact info for sales funnels, as well as delivering better value with project management.
  • Sales pipeline tracking – Visualize your sales process stages and move deals along the entire sales pipeline.
  • Team collaboration – Share notes, tasks, Gantt charts, custom dashboards, ready made templates, time tracking options, and updates within the team to improve sales forecasting.
  • Automated workflows – Automate repetitive tasks to save time and effort.
  • Customizable dashboards – Tailor your interface to meet your sales reps’ specific needs.
  • Integration capabilities – Seamlessly integrate with other tools and platforms.

While these features are undoubtedly useful, they aren't groundbreaking when compared to other sales CRM software on the market.

So, perhaps you:

  • Already use for project management and are considering extending it to CRM
  • Are looking for an alternative to CRM software you’ve already been using and Monday sales CRM seems like the right option.Have never used CRM for sales operations and searching the right CRM.

Regardless, it’s crucial to first identify Monday’s advantages and limitations. After that, you should explore alternatives to Monday Sales CRM.

Why should you look for Monday Sales CRM alternatives

Implementing a CRM system is not just a technical selection of what to use in your sales team. It's a strategic decision that can significantly impact your business operations.

While is a versatile platform that suits various uses, including as a CRM, being a jack of all trades may mean not excelling in any particular area.

Some softwares try to do it all and in the process get clunkly and confusing.

To help you choose wisely, we've compiled seven main objections some users have reported about using as a CRM.

Each objection is sourced from trusted platforms like Capterra, TrustRadius, and G2 to lend credibility to the claims. All so you can make well-informed decisions.

#1 Complexity and learning Curve

Monday sales CRM offers so many features and customization options that it actually can be overwhelming for newcomers. The steep learning curve can be a barrier, especially for those who aren't tech savvy.

A review from TrustRadius makes the point:

In my experience set up and implementation was a nightmare. Reporting was hard to configure.

This is also a common theme for other reviewers:

Cons: It is not actually a CRM, the entities aren't really connected, they are not independent entities but items that stands for themselves only as part of a board. hard to explain! the interaction between each entity had to be done manually, connected, automated. logic and basic features from previous CRMs needed to be re-invented. it takes a lot of thought to make it a proper CRM that contains some complicated features. Some featured remained unachievable.

#2 Cost

The pricing model of Monday Sales CRM software can be out of reach for small businesses or startups. Advanced features such as multi level permissions, custom parameters, enterprise grade security, and unlimited boards are often locked behind higher-tier plans, making it an expensive for those on a budget.

#3 Lack of native CRM features

While you can customize to serve as a CRM, it lacks some native CRM functionalities like automated follow-ups, lead scoring, and advanced sales analytics.

These features are crucial for each and every sales team to manage the entire sales cycle in one app. This is what a CRM should be for, yet it is what Monday Sales CRM lacks. This has been highlighted by some reviewers as well:

Cons: It is not actually a CRM, the entities aren't really connected, they are not independent entities but items that stands for themselves only as part of a board. hard to explain! the interaction between each entity had to be done manually, connected, automated. logic and basic features from previous CRMs needed to be re-invented. it takes a lot of thought to make it a proper CRM that contains some complicated features. Some featured remained unachievable.

#4 Limited integration options does offer some integrations, but they may not cover all the tools your business is already using. This limitation can create bottlenecks in your workflow and sales cycle analysis.

Integrations are crucial, especially if you're aiming to streamline deal management and optimize sales pipelines. A lack of seamless integration can burden your sales reps with manual tasks such as manually transferring customer data and managing leads, which can negatively impact actual sales figures.

This inefficiency not only hinders the sales process, but also makes it challenging to effectively retain customers in the long run.

Reviewers illustrate problems with basic sales integrations:

It would be better if it had a direct connection with prospecting tools, such as

There are numerous reviews about Google Calendar sync (available only on PRO and higher, more expensive plans) and Google ecosystem hiccups too.

Cons: The lack of integration with Gmail is a killer for us. We would like to track and associate emails that pertain to a deal automatically. Emailing from within isn't a good workflow for us since not every email is deal-specific. a Gmail integration where I could associate an email with a deal or a contact from within Gmail would be awesome.

#5 Performance issues

Users have reported performance issues when dealing with large datasets, which can slow down work processes and affect productivity. And while they may work, they are still difficult to understand according to numerous reviews:

Cons: It is sometimes difficult to get a full overview of all the tasks you are doing and how this interacts with others.

Given these shortcomings, it might be time for you to consider alternatives to CRM Monday.

Why Capsule CRM Software is a Better Choice Over Monday Sales CRM

When it comes to customer relationship management, the choice of software can significantly impact your business.

While CRM Monday has its merits, Capsule CRM offers many features and benefits that make it a better choice.

1. Easy set-up: Start immediately

One of the standout features of Capsule is how easy its to setup. Numerous reviews have praised this:

It's a cloud-based application accessible through a web browser, meaning you can start using it immediately. This is useful for businesses that want to hit the ground running without the hassle of complicated installations.

Capsule stands out here compared not only to CRM Monday, but also to other solutions. This review says:

Pros: As a service provider I have a lot of contacts to track. I tried several CRMs (Hubspot, Monday, etc) but none were as simple to use as Capsule. I had basic needs: track new contacts and set reminders to follow up. While other apps had those features alongside dozens of other tools, Capsule made it very easy to start tracking and reminding right away. And that's on a free level! The Gmail extension works really well and makes adding tasks quick and easy.

Reasons for Choosing Capsule: It seemed to function like SalesForce at a fraction of the cost.

2. Zero downtime: reliability you can trust

With 99.99% uptime and automated backups, Capsule ensures that your data is safe and accessible whenever you need it. Downtime is not an option for your business, nor is it for us.

3. Online or offline: Flexibility in access customer data sales team

Capsule's free CRM works both online and offline, offering a mobile app with iOS and Android compatibility. This is a significant advantage for sales teams that are often on the move and need to access CRM data without internet connectivity.

For example, offline mode allows salespeople who fly frequently to update their information mid-flight, ensuring that they can make the most of their time even when they are in the air and often without internet access.

Once they land and regain internet connectivity, all the updated data seamlessly syncs with the cloud, keeping the entire team on the same page. Flexibility like this is invaluable for people who can't afford to be disconnected from their workflow, even temporarily.

4. Customization: tailor-made for your business

Capsule's free CRM focuses on the basics but also allows for extensive customization, enabling you to adapt the software to your specific business needs.

This is especially useful for startups and small businesses that require a flexible, scalable solution.

And it’s so easy to use.

5. A CRM for all: versatility across industries

Whether you're in IT, real estate, or hospitality, Capsule's free CRM is versatile enough to cater to various industries. You can unlock the full potential of your business, regardless of sector.

6. Scalability: grow with your business

Capsule's CRM is scalable based on your business size and needs. It's a CRM that evolves with you, making it ideal for businesses at any stage of growth.

Capsule not only improves customer engagement, but also enhances employee productivity. Its features streamline workflows, making your team more efficient and effective.

Track wins, check custom pipelines, capture leads, adjust sales team goals, and take care of your customer like never before.

7. Feature-rich free plan: Get more for less

Capsule offers a wide range of features even on its free plan. From organizing contacts and customizing your sales pipeline to integrating with essential business software, you’ll find it all.

The free plan provides a comprehensive overview of the CRM, enabling you to make an informed decision if you decide to upgrade.

And it’s free forever. Monday sales CRM plans don’t offer any free version. With Capsule, you can enjoy the free version for two users, 250 contacts, and 50 MB storage per account, plus more.

8. Seamless integrations: Connect without hassle

Capsule makes it easy to integrate your CRM with other essential business software through platforms like Zapier and its own API.

This ensures that your CRM works seamlessly with your existing tech stack, saving you time and effort. Various users highlight how easy Capsule CRM is to start out with, configure, and use on a daily basis:

Pros: I like the simplicity of the system. It was very quick and easy both to setup (and make changes to) and then to use the system. It has been very easy to train new employees on. The system has some good power around workflows - which have helped us lock down our processes and helped new staff to follow them. It has a good integration with Xero which has saved us a lot of time and has just released an integration into a mail campaign tool (Transpond) which looks to be a nice added bonus.

Capsule CRM may be a better choice than Monday Sales CRM for a few simple reasons:

  • Capsule CRM allows sales teams to get started quickly, eliminating the manual work that’s often required with Monday Sales CRM.
  • Capsule excels in handling customer data, offering customized dashboards and advanced analytics features that are sometimes lacking in Monday Sales CRM software yet are needed by sales teams.
  • Capsule CRM software streamlines the sales cycle with intuitive lead management, reducing repetitive tasks and enhancing sales rep performance for better headcount planning.
  • Capsule provides a more comprehensive approach to account and lead management, facilitating better team performance and reducing manual work.
  • Capsule seamlessly integrates with the tools your business is already using, eliminating the need for additional software and making the transition smoother.

If you want to power up your account management, build your own workflows for sales activities, and retake control over both your sales team’s quota attainment and the sales cycle, the choice is easy. (It’s Capsule, obviously :P)

Key takeaways

  • Monday CRM offers a variety of features but has limitations in crucial areas, such as native CRM functionalities and cost.
  • Implementing a CRM system is a strategic business decision that requires careful consideration of both features and limitations.
  • Capsule CRM stands out for its ease of setup, comprehensive support, and adaptability, making it a more favorable choice for businesses of all sizes.
  • Given the shortcomings of Monday, it may be time to explore more specialized alternatives like Capsule CRM.


Choosing a CRM is like deciding between a pre-built shelf and a flat-pack from Ikea.

The former is ready for immediate use, while the latter requires assembly, time, and the risk of missing a crucial screw to make it function properly.

Capsule CRM is that pre-built shelf, offering a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that can adapt to your business needs.

A CRM tool is an investment, not an expense. Discover that with Capsule with our 14-day free trial.


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