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3 Alternatives to eLeads CRM

Explore the best alternatives to eLeads CRM and discover the best ways to support your business processes.

Rose McMillan · March 28, 2024
3 Alternatives to eLeads CRM

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eLeads CRM is a platform built for managing customer relations, especially in the automotive industry. Yet, diverse business needs call for exploring alternatives. Today, we’ll show you three top picks to enhance your CRM strategy, each offering unique features to meet specific objectives.

What is eLeads CRM

eLeads CRM is a cloud-based automotive dealership CRM partner, similar to Capsule’s CRM for auto dealers, designed to provide data-driven insights delivered through comprehensive sales, marketing, and service features, optimizing customer interactions and dealership operations.

Key features of eLeads CRM

Omnichannel communications for automotive dealership CRM partner

eLeads CRM empowers automotive dealerships to manage interactive customer relationships through omnichannel communications. Sales teams can tailor conversations with car shoppers via the eLead CRM mobile app, providing seamless customer interactions, whether on a traditional PC, mobile, tablet, or any other portable device.

Customizable workflows for efficient sales process management

With flexible workflows and comprehensive CRM sales functionality, eLeads CRM enhances sales process management, and enables dealership sales staff to manage showroom activities, track test drives, and log prospects.

Digital retail and vehicle inventory search engine

The platform integrates a vehicle inventory search engine, allowing customers to search for their desired vehicle and explore detailed vehicle descriptions. Car shoppers can instantly upload trade information through a fully portable eLead crm mobile app.

Equity data mining and VIN scanner for targeted customer outreach

eLeads CRM's vehicle VIN scanner and data mining capabilities enable dealerships to instantly identify opportunities with customers, consolidating calendar dates and authorized user actions for a streamlined, data-driven insight delivery.

Comprehensive inventory management with real-time features

Dealership management toolset within eLeads CRM offers detailed insights into dealership's inventory, supported by real-time quoting tools and the ability to search and manage inventory. Sales representatives can use the mobile device for a full vehicle walk-around.

4 things to consider when seeking alternatives

Steep learning curve for accessing sales tools

New users may find the eLeads CRM platform challenging to navigate due to its extensive sales and dealership management toolset.This complexity can impact the speed at which dealerships are able to engage customers and drive growth.

Dated user interface in automotive dealership CRM

The user interface of eLead CRM, particularly when accessed via traditional PC or even on eLead crm mobile, may appear outdated, potentially affecting the efficiency of dealership sales staff and their ability to connect smarter with car shoppers.

Absence of free trial for test driving the CRM functionality

Without the option to test drive the eLead CRM through a free trial, dealerships might hesitate to commit. Especially when evaluating how the system can boost growth and manage showroom activities effectively.

Customization effort for CRM sales functionality

While the CRM offers detailed sales functionality and the ability to nurture leads, the initial setup and customization required for deeper integrations and to fully leverage data-driven insights may demand time and resources. This is challenging dealerships' capacity to quickly adapt and maximize profitability.

With the automotive industry's landscape becoming increasingly competitive, dealerships have to leverage the right CRM to stay ahead. eLeads CRM has been a go-to solution for many, but it's not the only option out there. Let's explore three compelling alternatives that might be a better fit for your dealership's specific needs.

Best alternatives to eLead CRM

1. - Capsule: a streamlined CRM solution for modern businesses

Capsule stands out as an intuitive CRM platform, tailored for dealership businesses aiming to manage their relationships and optimize sales pipelines.

Its user-friendly design ensures seamless management of customer interactions and sales activities. Capsule presents an excellent alternative to solutions like eLeads CRM, especially for automotive dealership CRM partners looking for new ways to engage with car shoppers and drive profitability.

Key features of Capsule CRM

  • Contact management: Capsule excels in providing a structured approach to storing and handling contacts, so that customer data is readily accessible for personalized interactions.
  • Sales pipeline: Featuring a graphical sales pipeline, Capsule enables businesses to monitor deals at various stages visually, increasing the ability to grow through clear, data-driven insights.
  • Task management: This feature guarantees that follow-ups with prospects and commitments to clients are efficiently tracked and managed, helping dealership firms build stronger relationships and ensuring no opportunity is missed.
  • Customization: With its adaptable configuration, Capsule allows for integrating custom fields, tags, and dashboards, aligning with business needs for organizing crucial data and maximizing business opportunities through flexible workflows.
  • Reporting and analytics: Capsule's reporting tools offer deep insights into business performance, with all the recent insights that are pivotal for strategic decision-making and profitability maximization.
  • Email integration: The platform's seamless connection with email services facilitates organized communication tracking with contacts, so dealerships can achieve efficiency in engaging customers faster.
  • Mobile CRM: Capsule’s mobile app ensures that CRM tasks can be handled on the go, offering full functionality on various devices. This comes in handy for businesses aiming to connect smarter and quote customers promptly.
  • Data security: With SOC 2 Type II accreditation, Capsule demonstrates a serious commitment to data security. It’s a reliable choice for handling sensitive customer information and fully secured credit applications.
  • Integration with other apps: Capsule offers many integrations with popular applications, making it a versatile tool for businesses seeking to e.g., consolidate calendar dates and manage internet leads more effectively.
  • Custom lists and filters: Advanced filtering and list capabilities allow for effective segmentation of contacts and sales data.

2. Pipeline CRM

PipelineDeals CRM is designed to empower sales teams with a user-friendly platform that maximizes sales efficiency.

It excels in creating interactive customer relationships, allowing customers to tailor conversations and driving profitability through insightful data analysis.

Key features

  • Lead management: Streamlines customer interactions.
  • Sales pipeline management: Enhances visibility for driving profits.
  • Email marketing tools & automation features: Automates tasks for efficiency.
  • Custom reports & CRM software integrations: Generates data-driven insights for informed decisions.
  • Drag and drop interface: Leverages easy customization to fit business needs.


  • Limited sales pipelines: May not suit larger businesses with diverse needs.
  • Email templates on highest plan: Could limit scalability of communication efforts.
  • No Xero integration: Might increase the manual workload for businesses using Xero.

3. Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM stands out with its project management prowess and seamless integration capabilities.

With Insightly, businesses can drive profitability and engage customers with real-time integration features.

Key features

  • Project management integration: Enhances how a dealership operates, tying sales and service tasks directly to profitability.
  • Advanced reporting and dashboards: Offers insights that drive profits through detailed analytics.
  • Customizable workflow automation: Allows businesses to tailor conversations and automate processes for efficiency.
  • Email marketing campaign integration & lead and contact management: Engages potential customers faster and manages contacts efficiently.


  • Restrictive contact limit: The top plan's cap at 25,000 contacts might limit businesses with large or quickly expanding customer bases.
  • Limitation on custom fields: With only 500 custom fields, some businesses might find it challenging to capture all necessary customer info.
  • Integration through AppConnect: This requires navigating a separate platform for integrations, and might potentially complicate the setup for authorized users.


The right CRM empowers businesses to foster interactive customer relationships and lets customers tailor conversations. The eLeads solution seems to be a solid choice, but it's always a good idea to keep an eye on other options. The decision is now in your hands.

Choose a CRM that transforms your approach to customer interaction. Good luck selecting the tool that best fits your needs – drive profitability, maximize impact, and engage customers on the spot!