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Yesware integration

Yesware is a free service for G Suite that tracks emails you send and attaches them to Capsule automatically so you can close deals faster.

Enabling the Yesware integration

  1. Install Yesware on your Gmail account by visiting and click Install for Gmail
  2. Click Yesware at the top of your Gmail window, select Activate and then click Accept on the Request for Permission window
  3. Click Compose to open a new email window and tick the box next to CRM.
  4. Toggle the slider next to BCC to CRM so this feature is ON and now enter your Capsule drop box email address in the CRM Email Address field.
  5. Click Save and Reload Gmail
  6. Now all new emails you send from Gmail will have the Capsule drop box address included in the BCC field and stored against the relevant contact in Capsule.


If you don’t know your Capsule drop box address you can find it by clicking on your name in the top menu bar then select My Preferences > Mail drop box > and copy the address.

For more information on using the Capsule drop box have a read of our drop box guide