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If you run into trouble when using your Capsule account there are a few common things you can check to help troubleshoot possible issues.


As Capsule is a web based service it requires that you are connected to the internet whenever you use it. If you find that you can't connect or that Capsule is running slowly then it's always worth checking your internet connection.

  • Are you using WiFi? Is it normally reliable or do you have any problems with other web services as well?
  • Are you close enough to the WiFi router to ensure a reliable connection?
  • Are other users on the same network having the same problem?
  • What internet service provider are you using? It could be that they're having problems on their end.

Connection tests

There are a few tests that can be handy to run to get an idea of what your connection is like

  1. http://speedtest.net - this will check your download and upload speeds
  2. http://www.cloudping.info - this will check your connectivity to our hosting provider.

Feel free to send the results through to us at support@capsulecrm.com and we'll check to make sure everything is in order.

Browser and system requirements

As Capsule is used in the browser it's important that you're using an up-to-date browser. We have a detailed article about what browsers we support right here.

Browser problems

If you're noticing that Capsule looks different or all of a sudden there are things out of place then it's possible that there's something in your browser that is interfering with Capsule. It could for example be a plugin or an extension that isn't working right. A simple way to rule this out is to try to use a different web browser and see if the problem goes away or check with other users of the Capsule account to see if they're having the same problem.

If the problem is with an extension then you can always try to turn off all your extensions and see if that helps. Here's how you can find the extensions in different browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Go to chrome://extensions/
  • Safari: Go to the PreferencesExtensions
  • Internet Explorer: Go to ToolsManage Add-ons

Contact Support

If you need help with any of these steps or if you've gone through them and you're still having problems then please just reach out to our Support Team directly - either using our contact form or email us on support@capsulecrm.com and we'll be happy to help.