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PandaDoc Integration

Use PandaDoc to create a range of documents to send to your customers. Their integration with Capsule will automatically import your Capsule contacts to send them your documents

  1. Log in to PandaDoc and go to your Settings Integrations and click the button to Connect next to Capsule.
  2. Click the button to Connect Capsule to confirm that you want to enable the integration
  3. Now you need to enter your Capsule account URL and your API key.
  4. After hitting the button to Connect Capsule again a progress bar will show you the import progress. You can close that window while it completes the import and go back to using PandaDoc.
  5. Check back in your PandaDoc contacts to view all the newly imported contacts.


To identify contacts from Capsule in PandaDoc you’ll see a little Capsule icon underneath their profile

PandaDoc has their own support article on this with a few more screenshots on this and details on how to disable the integration as well