Best CRM for Mid-Size Business

Keep your sales team organized, focused on their opportunities and increase their chances of winning the deal. With automated reports, you'll get a clear overview of all your business activities to see what's working.

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A CRM that works for you

Our CRM is easy to use. Whether you use spreadsheets or another CRM, you can quickly put all your contacts in Capsule and tailor it to your way of working. You'll instantly fall in love with the simplicity of our powerful features.

Boost sales conversion rates

Our clear, visual sales pipeline is packed full of features to help your sales team reach their targets. It's super easy to tailor the pipeline to suit your sales process. When you find a winning way to convert sales, quickly record each step in Capsule and share it with the whole team to follow when they open a new opportunity.

Sales people will quickly know when they need to contact a potential customer as opportunities automatically change color after a set number of days without contact.

Deep business insights

Quickly see the big picture of sales through clear sales analytics and visual reports with a perfect level of detail. Easily forecast the quarter, see which teams are performing better than others and spot any issues before they impact the bottom line.

Switch the focus of sales meetings from analyzing activity to stimulating growth as Capsule keeps you up to date on business performance.

Clean customer data

Focus teams by only displaying the customers they're responsible for - it's like creating a mini CRM for every person.

Keep confidential information in the hands of a defined group as you decide who can see what data in your CRM.

Enjoy a clean CRM as every contact is assigned and individuals feel responsible for their data, regularly keeping it up to date to positively impact their performance reports.

Do even more with integrations

Get more done in a day by connecting Capsule to all your favorite software - giving you one complete view of your customer.

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Use the Capsule CRM integration for Xero and get one complete view of your business, from capturing leads to invoicing & payments.


The Capsule MailChimp CRM integration allows you to easily create mailing lists from contacts in your Capsule account.

Microsoft Single Sign On

Enable the Capsule Single Sign On for your Microsoft 365 domain so you only have to sign in once.

Google Workspace SSO

Allow all users to log in to Capsule with their Google Workspace credentials by enabling Single Sign On.

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