Connect Capsule with different web services using Zapier

We know being able to integrate different business services you use is key to running an efficient business. We’ve already integrated with some of the most popular services out there and are continuing to add to the number of integrations that you can use with Capsule.

If you find that we don’t integrate with one of your favorite tools or the integration doesn’t work in the way you would like it to, there is another way. You could use Zapier, an integration platform that connects Capsule with thousands of different services without needing to know how to code or having to rely on your IT team.

What can I automate?

If you can think of it, you can automate it. Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Excel, Dropbox, Slack and many, many more can all be connected to Capsule through Zapier. But, we won’t leave all the work up to you, we’ve created a few templates that are used most often by Capsule customers.

For example in the Google Sheets zaps above you can see that you can import sales opportunities and cases from a Google Sheet into Capsule, this could be extremely useful if you receive your sales leads from elsewhere or you’re managing projects in a spreadsheet and want to add them to Capsule.

The second zap shows how you can be alerted by email if a sales opportunity is assigned to you. This is really handy if you’re out and about as you’ll know when you’re assigned a new opportunity without having to log in to Capsule.

It’s important to celebrate your wins so with the Slack zap you can announce to your team or company when you’ve won a sales opportunity in Capsule by posting a message in Slack along with a fun GIF and a link to the opportunity for anyone who wants to see more details about it.

You might also be using a marketing service such as Jumplead, both the Jumplead zaps above show how you can sync contacts between Capsule and Jumplead.

What’s new in the current Zapier integration?

You’ve been able to use Capsule and Zapier together for years now but recently we’ve undertaken the task of owning the Zapier integration, meaning we now have control over releasing fixes and new features - which we should be able to do more quickly. Another change to the connection has been that workflow triggers now fire off as soon as the action is performed in Capsule whereas previously you’d have to wait a few minutes. This increases the reliability and precision of the connection. Setting up new accounts has also been made a whole lot easier, you simply have to log in rather than messing around trying to find the correct API token.

The most important update to the functionality however is the ability to search existing records in Capsule to perform actions on rather than always having to create new records. For example, imagine you want to send a quote from a quoting service you use and when you send out a quote you can look up the contact that the quote is for and create an opportunity for it in your Capsule account, from where you can start managing the sales process for it.

The new integration can also pick up on records when they’re set to a closing milestone such as won or lost, so you or your whole team can be notified when sales are won or lost.

We hope you enjoy using Zapier and Capsule together. If you have any questions or need any support, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

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