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Perfect match: 6 new integrations to amplify your Capsule experience

Discover 6 new integrations to enhance your Capsule experience, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Chloe Lloyd · September 12, 2023
Perfect match: 6 new integrations to amplify your Capsule experience

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For businesses, productivity soars when the tools you use work together seamlessly. At Capsule, we understand the power of a cohesive workflow, which is why we've nurtured an ecosystem that blends perfectly with popular business tools.

Nobody wants to waste time toggling between applications, rummaging through notes, or awaiting replies from colleagues. That's why Capsule integrates with various business tools such as Google, Outlook, Xero, QuickBooks, and Transpond. Integrations which are designed to save you toggling through applications and ensure you stay on the same screen.

We’re delighted to announce six new integrations for the Capsule ecosystem that you can take advantage of today. Here’s more about them:


Osano discovers and automatically classifies personal data stored in Capsule.

Use case: When a subject rights request comes in, Osano automatically scans Capsule and connected data sources, locating personal information and assisting in compliance.


JustCall logo

JustCall lets you make receive calls, track missed calls, listen to voicemails and call recordings and send and receive text messages directly from the Capsule dashboard.

Use case: JustCall enables you to get up to speed with newly onboarded clients. You can check Capsule for all previous emails, text messages and listen to call recordings so you’re informed and prepared for the next call with your clients.


Helpwise makes customer service management easier by centralizing all client communications. With a two-way sync, this integration helps your agents view and update key customer and task information in Capsule directly from Helpwise. And having Capsule information available in Helpwise provides customer service teams with more context so they can provide more relevant customer service.

Use case: A customer reaches out for support via email. It’s not a question that you have the answer to and requires help from outside your team. You create a task in Capsule from your Helpwise inbox and assign it to them.

Smith AI is a receptionist service for calls and website chat. U.S. based receptionists capture and qualify leads, book new clients and build relationships with existing clients.

Use case: A prospect visits your website and starts a live chat.'s receptionists manage the chat and the integration captures the conversation and their details, creating a new contact or updating an existing one in Capsule.


Skyvia allows you to manage data seamlessly with the power of a no-code cloud service for ETL/ELT, data pipeline creation, API sharing, and more. Best-suited to businesses with advanced technical capabilities.

Use case: The Skyvia integration empowers you to sync data between Capsule and other apps effortlessly, ensuring consistent information across platforms.


Proposable simplifies the creation, delivery, tracking, and eSigning of sales materials directly from Capsule. Elevate your sales strategy with streamlined sales collateral management.

Use case: Your sales team creates a proposal in Proposable, sends it from Capsule, and tracks its status as the client reviews and eSigns it, all in the Capsule interface.

As you explore these integrations, you're tapping into a world of possibilities where your workflow is streamlined, data is managed efficiently, and customer interactions are elevated to new heights. These integrations reflect our commitment to giving you the very best value with Capsule, and supporting the way you want to work.

Embrace the power of integrations and harness these new capabilities to fuel your growth. Your journey to a more productive, efficient, and engaging CRM experience starts now. Click here to learn more about Capsule and access a 14-day free trial.

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