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Announcing Multiple Sales Pipelines

Take a look at our new Multiple Sales Pipelines feature as we show you how it can help you when selling many products and services.

Chloe Lloyd · August 24, 2021
Announcing Multiple Sales Pipelines

Sometimes, having one single approach to something doesn’t suit everyone.

Take sales pipelines for example. They visually represent your sales cycle and the stages that deals are at. For some businesses, simply having one sales pipeline doesn’t accurately reflect all the nuances involved in selling different products or services, or even selling to different markets.

With the introduction of Multiple Sales Pipelines to Capsule, you can now build pipelines that represent different sales cycles - giving you and your team a more accurate picture of your sales process and helping you to better forecast sales.

Let’s say you have a different sales process for first-time customers and customer renewals, or you serve both other businesses and general consumers. You’ll now be able to create separate pipelines for each of those, with different milestones for each pipeline.

You’ll also be able to add unique workflows to each pipeline using Tracks, so the standardization associated with one pipeline isn’t compromised when using several others.

Reporting is made a lot easier too. You’ll be able to filter reports by pipeline, and therefore more accurately forecast sales for different services, products, markets, or any other factors.

To summarize, this feature will help you to:

  • Tailor your sales cycle
  • Better plan and manage sales activities
  • Report more accurately
  • More easily view and track sales opportunities

Multiple Sales Pipelines are available on the Growth, Advanced and Ultimate plans. Read our support docs to find out more about how to set up Multiple Sales Pipelines. We hope you enjoy using this new feature and if you have any questions or need support, contact our friendly support team.

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