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Best Capsule integrations for salespeople

Read our latest article highlighting essential integrations that will change the way you work.

Chloe Lloyd · January 18, 2024
Best Capsule integrations for salespeople

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Capsule is a CRM designed for small businesses just like yours. It helps salespeople do their job more efficiently and effectively.

But you probably have questions about whether it's suitable with the rest of your technology stack, or whether it'll work with tools you'll plan to acquire in the future.

Read this blog post to find out our top integrations for salespeople.

Email add-ons

Emails play a pivotal role in sales. They allow for direct communication with potential customers, reaching out to prospects to share information about products or services in a personalized and targeted way. We recognized the important role emails play in making sales, that is why we built our own integrations with Gmail and Outlook will simplify your workflow. From adding contacts, to creating tasks and sales opportunities, no more juggling tabs. With email integrations, everything you need to do can be managed from your inbox.


Data capture can be tricky, but we have our own webform integration that simplifies lead capturing. By using our webform, you can directly connect it to Capsule, automating the creation of new contacts for each form submission. The integration uses simple HTML form elements, allowing customization of which details from the form correspond to specific fields in Capsule, including Custom Fields. Upon submission, you'll receive an email notification and a task will be added in Capsule for reviewing new submissions. Additional options such as tagging and recording consent, are provided to enhance the functionality of your integrated website contact form.

Other apps that have webforms include Transpond (which is also a comprehensive email marketing tool) goes one step further and allows you to create gated content alongside those forms.

Other providers like Wufoo Forms, have a drag and drop tool that can easily be styled to suit your needs.

Lead generation

Lead generation tools such as LeadsBridge and Leadinfo play a pivotal role in fueling your sales pipeline.

With Leadinfo you gain access to insights about who’s visiting your website, giving you lots of information about leads. By connecting Leadinfo with Capsule you can automatically enrich contact and company records with Leadinfo’s extensive company information to gain even better insight, transforming the way you approach and nurture potential customers. With LeadsBridge you can connect other lead generation sources such as Facebook and social media, which are added to Capsule as contacts and can be tagged.

Telephone and VoIP

Telephone and VoIP apps simplify the calling process and add a layer of efficiency to your communication strategy. Capsule integrates with apps like CircleLoop, Kixie, Yay, and SwitchBoard Free to help you do just that.

Connect CircleLoop, a cloud-based phone system, with Capsule for click-to-call functionality within Capsule. The details in Capsule automatically sync with CircleLoop, so you have the most up-to-date information. Convert phone numbers into clickable links for convenient calls without system switching. Recordings and voicemails from CircleLoop can be easily logged in Capsule. Call and caller details from Capsule are instantly displayed during incoming calls, providing valuable client insights.

Kixie, on the other hand, features intelligent automation for calls and SMS, streamlining your outreach and making every conversation count.

Meanwhile, Yay brings a user-friendly approach to click-to-call, ensuring that your team can initiate calls effortlessly and focus on building meaningful connections.

For those seeking a cost-effective solution without compromising functionality, SwitchBoard Free offers a robust click-to-call experience with a number of free features, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious sales teams.

No matter your preference, these click-to-call integrations make outbound sales straightforward and cuts down on admin time by logging calls, texts, notes and conversations.

Quotes and contracts

Creating compelling, and timely, quotes and contracts can make the difference between a successful deal and a missed opportunity. It’s important to present proposals and contracts that not only demonstrate the value of your offering but also leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Integrations with industry-leading platforms such as Quotient, Better Proposals, and NiftyQuoter empower you to master this art.

Quotient, with its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, allows you to create visually appealing and professional-looking quotes. You can customize these documents to align with your brand, ensuring a cohesive and polished representation of your business.

Better Proposals offers a comprehensive platform that not only createsvisually stunning proposals but also provides insights into client interactions, allowing you to tailor your approach based on how your prospect interacts with your proposal.

NiftyQuoter, simplifies generating and managing quotes and contracts. From customizable templates to e-signature capabilities, NiftyQuoter makes it easier than ever for salespeople to close their deals.

By incorporating a contract or proposal integration into your CRM, you're not only saving time as Capsule contact data can be automatically moved across, but also improving the quality of your proposals.

Whether you're initiating a call, sending out a proposal, or nurturing leads, remember that each click, call, and contract is backed by a suite of tools designed to elevate your sales game.

The journey to success starts with a CRM at the hub of your operations, helping you to manage contacts, sales and projects.

You can then build out your sales processes with some of our many sales-oriented integrations.

Why not try Capsule free for 14 days? Embrace the convenience, leverage the power and let the combination of Capsule and these integrations propel you toward achieving your sales goals.