Gmail add-on improvements

Tom Bell posted in Product November 1, 2018

On August 1st we released our Gmail add-on. The add-on allowed everyone to store their email conversations easily within Capsule. Over the last few months we’ve been making improvements thanks to the great feedback we’ve received from those of you using the add-on. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s quick and easy to install.

Reducing the number of clicks

One of the first improvements we made was to reduce the amount of clicks that were needed to store a conversation. We achieved this by improving a number of flows for storing conversations.

  • Instead of having to click a contact in the list, and then click the store item, you can now click Store next to the contact in the list
  • When adding a new contact you have the option to store the conversation on that new contact when saving
  • When adding a new opportunity or case to a contact you have the option to store the conversation on that opportunity or case when saving

Change where conversations are being stored

Today we’re announcing another big improvement. You can now change where future emails in a conversation will be stored. Previously to change where a conversation is stored, you would need to disable storing, and then store again on the record you wanted to change the storing to. A potential downside to this was that every email in the conversation was then moved to that record. This behavior could cause unwanted emails from long running threads to be moved also.

Now you can use a new option ‘Store on a different contact, opportunity, or case’ which allows you change where a conversation should be stored from now on. It also allows you to specify if you would like to move a number of most recent emails, or all emails in the conversation.

When the conversation is stored on a contact, you will see their related opportunities and cases, so it’s easy to change storing to an opportunity when a conversation evolves into a potential sale. You can also choose to store on a different contact in thread and their related opportunities or cases.

If the conversation is already stored on an opportunity, or case you will see the opportunities and cases for the contact related to the current opportunity or case.

We hope you enjoy these improvements to the add-on! We’re always open to more feedback. Let us know if you have any thoughts or questions.

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