FreshBooks Integration

Phillip Haines posted in Product October 1, 2009

This blog post was written before Javelin was renamed to Capsule. See this post for more details.

Javelin now integrates with FreshBooks. FreshBooks is a great way for you to track time and invoice your customers. When you use Javelin with FreshBooks you’ll get the complete view of your relationships including notes and files you’ve added, emails to and from the contact, tasks that need to be done, sales opportunities, along side invoices from FreshBooks.

Integration is easy, simply enter your FreshBooks account API details into your Professional Edition of Javelin. Javelin automatically imports your customers from FreshBooks and you’re ready to go. Here’s a summary of what you get:

  • When viewing a contact in Javelin, you’ll see a summary of invoices and outstanding amounts from FreshBooks
  • Contacts can be exported from Javelin into FreshBooks so that you can start invoicing them
  • Amend invoices and view contacts in FreshBooks by clicking through from the contact in Javelin
  • Updates to contact details such as addresses in Javelin are automatically synchronised to FreshBooks so you only need to make the update in one place

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