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Capsule Uncapped: Summer 2024

Introducing our new and improved product newsletter. Explore the latest features and updates that make Capsule even better

Olivia MacCunn · July 4, 2024
Capsule Uncapped: Summer 2024Capsule Uncapped: Summer 2024

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Welcome back to our quarterly product newsletter, Capsule Uncapped. We’ll get you up to speed on all our latest updates so you can make the most of the CRM.

Our team has been hard at work crafting powerful features to improve Capsule without complicating it. Let’s take a look at what you can now find in our CRM.

Save time by enriching your CRM data

The illustration demonstrates Capsule's new data enrichment feature

Instead of spending five to ten minutes looking up and manually populating data for each lead in Capsule, you can spend more time nurturing quality leads. We now offer data enrichment to organization and contact records to help you better understand your ideal customer, make prospecting more efficient and qualify leads faster.

Available to users on Growth, Advanced, and Ultimate plans.

Discover how data enrichment makes your sales more efficientLearn more

Get started with ease; effortlessly update your records

The illustrations shows Capsule's latest import update for easy and effective data importing

Our new and improved import functionality makes adding or updating contact records and Opportunities easy. It’s important to keep good data hygiene by setting up an organized CRM from the get-go and regularly ‘cleaning’ your data.

Available on all plans.

See how the latest import feature streamlines onboarding and data cleansingRead more

Clear out old opportunities and projects with bulk delete

You can now bulk delete opportunities and projects in Capsule so you can clean your CRM data with ease

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve Capsule and, luckily for us, plenty of you have been in touch about bulk deleting old or stale opportunities and projects. We’re big believers in a clean and organized CRM, so we’ve made it easy to select and delete the records you no longer need. Now you’ve no excuse to do some spring cleaning.

Available on all plans.

Discover easy ways to keep your CRM data cleanLearn more

New Tag management controls

We've added new opt-in restrictions to Tag and Custom Field creation for better organization. Read our guide for best practices

Are you one of many users with recurring similar Tags like ‘Leads’, ‘New lead’, and ‘New leads’ in your CRM? Or maybe you’ve realized you’ve got a lot of Tags in your Capsule account and many of them are barely even used.

If this sounds familiar, our new Tag guidelines can help you regain and maintain control of your CRM data. We’ve introduced counters in your account settings so you can identify similar or duplicate Tags, your most frequently used Tags, and the ones you barely (if ever) use. This enables you to effortlessly cleanse your account, ridding the CRM of unnecessary Tags, and keeping your data organized and easily accessible.

We’ve added another layer of control: now admins have the option to restrict Tag creation to themselves. But the choice is all yours - you can toggle the restrictions in your account settings whenever you like.

Available on all plans.

Read our best practices for managing Tags, Custom Fields and DataTagsRead more

Our latest integrations

The image shows the logos for WhatsApp, Slack and Teams

Connecting with WhatsApp

Now you can track and store customer communications held over WhatsApp in Capsule with our two new integrations, and CallBell.

Read our guide to choose the right one for your business or find them in our integrations marketplace.

Automated notifications in Slack or Teams

We’ve made some changes so you can do even more with our Zapier integration. Send notifications to Slack or Microsoft Teams to notify your sales reps when a new lead has been added to Capsule or celebrate newly closed deals. Check out what else you can do with Capsule and Zapier.

Capsule enables over 70 integrations - why not find one that makes your job a little bit easier?

Well, that’s all we can reveal for now. Keep an eye out for our next edition of Capsule Uncapped to see what else we’re doing to support our customers. Thanks again for choosing Capsule!

See you in Q3,
The Capsule Team

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