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10+ best sales movies of all time to watch in 2024

From classics to modern hits, uncover the strategies, techniques, and motivational stories that can help you tackle the world of sales.

Rose McMillan · January 10, 2024
10+ best sales movies of all time to watch in 2024

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Business and selling have been a fixed theme of movies for a long time. Some of them teach us great lessons you can apply to your sales strategy.

Check out our selection of the best sales movies to watch in 2024 that blend gripping storytelling with valuable business advice. Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and educated all at once.

You better have your popcorn ready. 🍿

#1 - Wolf of Wall Street

This Martin Scorsese masterpiece, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as the infamous sales rep, Jordan Belfort, takes you on a wild ride through the ups and downs of a stockbroker's life. It's a rollercoaster of relentless sales pitches, opulent parties, and a glimpse into the darker side of ambition.

Considered to be one of these iconic sales movies, it offers a raw, unfiltered look at the real nature of success in the high-pressure world of sales.

IMDB rating: Wolf of Wall Street on IMDB (Rating: 8.2/10)

Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Speaking about Sales Motivation

Key learning: The power of persuasion and the importance of ethical boundaries in sales. The art of great sales can lead to wild success, but remember, not everything that glitters is gold (or legal).

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#2 - Forrest Gump

One of the greatest movies of all time. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, with Tom Hanks in the unforgettable role of Forrest, shows the story of a man with a pure heart and simple wisdom.

The movie takes you through the unexpected adventures of Forrest's life, showing how his simple and honest approach leads to extraordinary experiences and successes, including in business.

The plot blends humor, drama, and historical events, reminding us that the simplest approach can sometimes be the most effective, in and out of business.

IMDB rating: Forrest Gump on IMDB (Rating: 8.8/10)

Forrest Gump - The Running Scene

Key learning: Forrest Gump teaches the value of finding your niche and the power of simplicity in messaging. Sales success doesn't always call for complexity – sometimes, it's the simple, heartfelt approach that resonates the most.

#3 - Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross, a compelling drama directed by James Foley, showcases the cutthroat world of real estate sales. The film, featuring an ensemble cast, including Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, and Alec Baldwin, explores the high-stress, high-stakes environment of sales, where the pressure to succeed is immense.

It's a gritty, realistic portrayal of salespeople's challenges. The movie illustrates the desperation and tactics used to close deals.

IMDB rating: Glengarry Glen Ross on IMDB (Rating: 7.7/10)

Glengarry Glen Ross - Alec Baldwin Speech

Key learning: ABC – Always Be Closing, but also, always be caring about ethics in sales. It's a striking reminder of how high the stakes are in sales and how far people will go for success.

#4 - The Social Network

Directed by David Fincher, The Social Network depicts the dramatic rise of Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg.

Get a gripping understanding of the early days of one of the world's most influential social media platforms, and learn about the challenges, betrayals, and legal battles faced along the way.

It's a fascinating exploration of ambition, innovation, and the power of a novel idea in the digital age.

IMDB rating: The Social Network on IMDB (Rating: 7.8/10)

The Social Network - The You're Breaking Up With Me? Scene

Key Learning: Behind every 'like' and 'share,' there's a story of ambition, coding marathons, and maybe a few lawsuits.

#5 - Titanic

It’s not just a love story set against the backdrop of a historic tragedy.

Titanic, directed by James Cameron, also presents subtle yet powerful messages in crisis management and planning.

The narrative, while centered on the romance of Jack and Rose, shows the damage caused by poor preparation and oversight, which sometimes happens in business too..

"Titanic" is a powerful metaphor for the necessity of careful organization and readiness in any business endeavor.

IMDB rating: Titanic on IMDB (Rating: 7.8/10)

Titanic - The I'm Flying Scene

Key learning: Crisis management and the impact of unforeseen events on business operations. (Plus, never underestimate the importance of contingency planning – in Titanic’s case, the lifeboats!)

#6 - Catch Me If You Can

With Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale Jr., the movie depicts the life of a master con artistwho successfully poses as a doctor, pilot, and lawyer.

This timeless blockbuster, directed by Steven Spielberg, portrays Frank's frauds and also explores the darker side of sales and marketing – the use of deception and the consequences that follow.

The movie is an action-packed ride and a cautionary story about trust and authenticity.

IMDB rating: Catch Me If You Can on IMDB (Rating: 8.1/10)

Catch Me If You Can – Frank as a Doctor

Key learning: Deceit might offer short-term gains. But in real sales, honesty lasts longer than any scam.

#7 - The Devil Wears Prada

Classic sales movies are great, but how about a little twist?

The Devil Wears Prada, a box office hit directed by David Frankel, is a sharp and witty exploration of the high-stakes world of fashion marketing.

Starring Meryl Streep as the formidable magazine editor Miranda Priestly, and Anne Hathaway as her assistant, work in the demanding and often brutal fashion environment. Does it sound familiar? Learn how they manage to survive there and apply those lessons in your day-to-day.

IMDB rating: The Devil Wears Prada on IMDB (Rating: 6.9/10)

The Devil Wears Prada – Miranda's Rant

Key learning: Success depends a lot on being able to adapt and thrive. It's a masterclass in diplomacy, adaptability, and knowing that sometimes, the best accessory is a thick skin and a solid work ethic.

#8 - Jerry Maguire

Masterfully directed by Cameron Crowe and featuring Tom Cruise shows a journey to the core of what makes business meaningful – personal relationships and sales integrity.

"Jerry Maguire" shows moral awakening – a shift from prioritizing wealth to valuing relationships and staying true to his principles.

IMDB rating: Jerry Maguire on IMDB (Rating: 7.3/10)

Jerry Maguire – The Show Me the Money Scene

Key learning: Show me the money! But also show some heart and trustworthiness in your business relationships.

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#9 - Boiler Room

The director Ben Younger takes us into the high-octane world of a young stockbroker climbing the corporate ladder.

Boiler Room is a gripping film that uncovers the dark underbelly of sales – the high-pressure tactics and the ethical crossroads faced in pursuing success.

It's an unflinching look at the choices that define a sales career.

IMDB rating: Boiler Room on IMDB (Rating: 7.0/10)

Boiler Room – Ben Affleck Speech

Key Learning: High-pressure sales can make you feel like you're in a boiler room – just don't get burned by unethical practices.

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#10 - Mad Men (TV Series)

Mad Men, created by Matthew Weiner and starring Jon Hamm, elegantly transports us to the 1960s New York ad scene.

The TV series, centered around the enigmatic Don Draper, peeks into the art/science of advertising and its influence.

IMDB rating: Mad Men on IMDB (Rating: 8.7/10)

Mad Men - The Carousel Pitch Scene

Key learning: The evolution of advertising and creative storytelling might be your superpower. It highlights how innovative ideas and compelling narratives can intrigue audiences and transform brands.

#11 - The Pursuit of Happyness

An inspiring film based on the true story of Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith.

The Pursuit of Happyness, directed by Gabriele Muccino portrays the struggles of a single father trying to build a better life for himself and his son.

The movie passes valuable lessons for business: resilience in the face of challenges, the power of determination, and the importance of holding onto hope; even in the most challenging circumstances.

IMDB rating: The Pursuit of Happyness on IMDB (Rating: 8.0/10)

The Pursuit of Happyness – The Job Interview Scene

Key learning: Determination and hard work can overcome even the toughest obstacles, both in business and in personal life.

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#12 - Thank You for Smoking

Thank You for Smoking, directed by Jason Reitman and starring Aaron Eckhart, serves as a satirical slice of the PR world.

Following the slick tobacco lobbyist Nick Naylor, this film cleverly dissects the power of persuasion and spin.

It's a witty journey through the maze of lobbying, filled with sharp turns of argument and moral flexibility.

IMDB rating: Thank You for Smoking on IMDB (Rating: 7.5/10)

Thank You for Smoking – Why is the American Government the Best Government in the World?

Key learning: Spinning words like a tobacco wheel – it's all about arguing how to sell snow to Inuits.

#13 - Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde, a vibrant comedy, stars Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods. It’s about a sorority girl interested in fashion who arrives at Harvard Law School. And this film isn't about pink and pretense as it seems.

It's a clever take on stereotypes, self-empowerment, and unexpected acumen that might be seen in business too.

IMDB rating: Legally Blonde on IMDB (rating: 6.4)

Legally Blonde – The Elle wins! Scene

Key learning: Never underestimate the power of a unique personal brand and the importance of standing out in a competitive market.

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The best sales movies of all time: extra oldies but goldies

And some extra ones. Let’s take a look at some cinema classics that may bring you some valuable business tips and insights:

🎭 Death of a Salesman

Not a movie but a play by Arthur Miller. It gives a poignant, timeless exploration of the American Dream and the relentless pressures faced by salespeople.

🎬 Moneyball (2011)

The film stars Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland Athletics. It’s a closer look at the world of sports management, presenting a fresh take on the sales game and negotiation in sports.

🎬 Tin Men (1987)

Explores the competitive world of door-to-door aluminum siding salesmen in 1960s Baltimore. It's a classic battle of wits, ego, and the art of the deal.

🎬 Used Cars (1980)

A hilarious story of a desperate used car salesman who goes to extreme lengths to save his business. It's a comedic portrayal of salesmanship and survival.

🎬 The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)

A satirical journey through the corporate world, where a naive business graduate becomes an unexpected corporate leader.

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Conclusion on sales films

Each movie is a lesson in the complexity of sales, ambition, and human connection.

Let them fuel your passion for success and master your sales skills. Have you already got any top sales movies on your to-watch list?