August/September Integrations

Josef Szotten posted in Product September 12, 2012

We’ve had a burst of great applications that have integrated with Capsule in the past couple of months that extend the capabilities of Capsule even further.

ClickDesk logo First up is ClickDesk - A service for integrating chat into your website as well as other online engagement (phone, ticketing & social). With the ClickDesk chat you can view Capsule contact details and record chat transcripts straight into Capsule without leaving your chat.

Proposable logo Next is a service called Proposable. With Proposable you can create, deliver, and analyze your sales proposals. Easily connect it to your Capsule accont and send your proposals to your Capsule contacts. A note is also stored on the contact record in your Capsule account for each Capsule contact that a proposal is sent to.

edocr logo edocr is a service for uploading your documents such as brochures, case studies and press releases to share with prospects and generate new leads. edocr integrates with Capsule to track who read your documents on edocr for lead nurturing and conversion in Capsule.

We also have a new category to the Capsule integrations - Dashboard services. We want to tell you about Grappster and Leftronic.

Grappster Logo Grappster is an information dashboard for your cloud apps. With Grappster you can easily keep track of your Capsule CRM opportunities and tasks. You can also quickly get a glance of your sales pipelines and latest activities.

Leftronic logo Leftronic gives you real-time visibility into your company’s most important data. Add graphs for a number of different opportunity stats to be viewed alongside all your other cloud services.

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