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Freshdesk integration

The Freshdesk integration combines your sales and support contacts into a single streamlined flow of information. You can view your Capsule contact details from within Freshdesk and in Capsule you can easily link through to see all the Freshdesk tickets associated with a contact

Enabling the Capsule integration in Freshdesk

The Capsule integration needs to be enabled in your Freshdesk account so log in to your support portal and follow these steps

  1. Go to Admin Helpdesk Productivity Integrations
  • Under Native Integrations click on the toggle next to Capsule to Enable it.
  • Fill in all the fields with the required information from your Capsule account and then click Enable.


To locate your Capsule API key click on your name in the top menu bar and select My Preferences > API Authentication Token > then copy the API token

For more detailed information check out the Freshdesk guide to integrating with Capsule > Integration with Capsule CRM

Within your Capsule account:

  1. Visit your custom fields settings page by clicking through to Settings > Custom Fields for People & Organizations
  • Choose Add new > Generated Link
  • Enter a Label such as “Freshdesk” and set the Link Definition to:{email}

Once you’ve saved the custom field, when you view a contact you’ll see an extra link below the contact details:

Clicking the link will open Freshdesk and show all the tickets linked to your contacts email address.