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Capsule Mobile

Get Capsule on the go with Capsule Mobile - view, add, or update your data even when you’re offline and start calls, messages or emails directly from contact profiles.

Getting Capsule Mobile

Capsule Mobile is available for the iPhone in the App Store and Android in the Play store.

Download from the App store Download from the App store


Currently supported OS versions
iOS 10+ (iPhone app)
Android 6+

Importing contacts using Capsule Mobile

You can import contacts from your device into Capsule Mobile. To import a new contact, go to Contacts Tap the ‘+’ Import Contact. This brings up a new screen which will contain the contacts from your address book. Tap the contact you want to import and confirm.

There are some limitations to what we’re able to import, and we require certain information to be present. For example a contact will need either a first and/or last name and an organization will need an organization name.

The import process is particularly useful if you have an app to scan business cards on your device. With the card scanning app you can save the contact to your device and then import it into your account using Capsule Mobile.


Here are some examples of popular business card scanning apps:
iOS: CamCard or FullContact Business Card Reader
Android: CamCard Free

Viewing your calendar and tasks

Capsule Mobile includes a calendar screen for viewing your tasks similar to how you view them on the website. Tap on a day to show the tasks due on that day.

You can view your upcoming tasks in a single list by tapping on the task list icon in the top nav bar on the calendar screen.

Viewing your Capsule tasks in the calendar on your device

If you’d prefer to see your Capsule tasks alongside your tasks in your devices calendar app then you can also subscribe to the Capsule task calendar feed.

For iOS

To subscribe to your Capsule task calendar feed on iOS:

  1. Log in to Capsule in Safari on the device
  2. Then tap on your name in the top menu bar > My Preferences > Calendar and Feeds
  3. Tap on the first link that starts with webcal://. When you do you’ll be prompted to add the calendar feed to the iOS calendar.

Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to see your Capsule task calendar side by side with your iOS calendar entries.

For Android

To subscribe to your Capsule task calendar feed on Android you need to first subscribe to the feed in Google Calendar which then in turn syncs with your Android device. This has to be setup on your computer, just follow these dedicated instructions.

Filtering tasks, cases and opportunities

By default Capsule Mobile only shows the tasks, cases, and opportunities that are assigned to you as the person logged in.

You can change this filter to display records for all users instead, to do this use the little funnel icon in the top right hand corner when viewing your tasks for example and then change the Owner filter to All.


You can change the Owner filter for cases and opportunities in the same way as detailed above.


Capsule Mobile will sync changes as you make them, and periodically while you use the app not when the app is closed or in the background.

However if you find that you or your colleagues have made a change in your account using in the browser that you’d like the app to pick up, you can use the Force Sync button in the app. To do this go to the Settings screen and then tap the Force Sync button.


Before you tap that button it will say when the app last successfully synced.