Capsule connects with Zendesk to improve how you offer customer support and manage clients.

A customer support central hub

Capsule's Zendesk CRM integration is an ideal solution for effectively managing customer support and service operations. The combination creates a centralized platform to handle customer requests, track progress store interactions, and ensure swift resolution of issues.

A complete view of every opportunity

Zendesk is an online help desk, and Capsule can integrate with it to help you see a complete view of a lead or customer's interactions with your business across sales and support activities.

Real-time alerts and notifications

Real-time notifications are a crucial aspect of effective customer support. When you integrate Capsule into Zendesk, your teams can receive instant alerts whenever a contact raises a support ticket, responds to a ticket, or leaves a rating—depending on your chosen customer support channel from Zendesk. This ensures that your teams can respond quickly to customer inquiries and provide timely solutions to any issues your customers may be experiencing.

Customer support mobility with mobile Capsule CRM

Continuous customer communication is crucial for building strong relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction. That's why Capsule's Zendesk CRM integration is designed to provide your support team the flexibility and mobility they need to stay connected with customers, no matter where they are. Capsule can be accessed via mobile or desktop. You can quickly identify and respond to important support tickets while on the go, providing timely and effective service to your customers.

Synchronized customer support solutions

The integration creates a powerful two-way synchronization between Zendesk and Capsule. This means relevant support tickets are automatically pulled from your Zendesk account and displayed contextually under each lead and contact in Capsule. At the same time, contact information from Capsule is displayed contextually in each support ticket in your Zendesk.

Use Zendesk CRM with Capsule

Combining Capsule with Zendesk provides a complete overview of all your business's lead or customer interactions, including sales and support activities. This combination can transform how businesses manage customer relationships, enhancing customer support and optimizing the customer experience through its centralized platform and diverse self-service support options, such as knowledge-based content, community forums, chats, and emails.

Benefits of integrating Zendesk with Capsule CRM

If your business continually receives customer inquiries or support requests, then a help desk like Zendesk can be a valuable tool for managing those interactions efficiently and effectively. Zendesk can provide valuable data insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing you to optimize business processes and improve the customer experience.

Integrating Zendesk with Capsule CRM can streamline processes and organize all the information you gather from your customers in one platform. Here are the benefits of a CRM-powered Zendesk: