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Designed for growing businesses. Manage teams, segment data and track team performance.

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  • 100,000 contacts
  • 20GB storage per user
  • Advanced sales reporting
  • User roles and restrictions
  • Custom activity types
  • Assign records
Team Collaboration
Create teams

Bring your whole team together

Assigning Capsule users into teams allows for a clearer view of what different teams are responsible for and what they’re working on.

  • Create teams that reflect your organizational structure

  • Use teams to restrict access to sensitive records

User Roles
User Roles

Advanced access controls to keep your team focused

In addition to the default user roles, Teams provides more granular control over what users can view.

If a user belongs to a team, in addition to unassigned records, they can only access contacts, cases and sales opportunities that are assigned to that team.

Sometimes you’ll want to restrict access even further. We’ve got you covered with that too, with our Restricted User role. This permits a user to only see the records that have been assigned to them.

My team can log into Capsule and see their pipeline of orders and very clearly the number of sales they’re bringing in, their personal impact on the business and on our producers around the world, it’s a big morale boost.
Custom Activity Types
Custom Activity Types

Activity types that are meaningful to your business

By default, Capsule comes with three activity types : note, meeting and call. But with Teams you can create custom activity types that are relevant to your business.

You'll see any custom activity types that have been logged against your records within your reports - giving you a more detailed view of work completed.

Team Reporting
Team Reporting

See how everyone is performing with team reporting

Gain an understanding of sales performance across different teams with team reports. Compare activity between teams to investigate what might be contributing to one team’s success over another.

Team reporting is in addition to all of the reports we provide as part of our comprehensive sales analytics tools.

Learn more about Sales Analytics
Google Data Studio and Capsule

Custom reports with Google Data Studio

Connect Google Data Studio to Capsule and combine Capsule opportunity data with other sources to create interactive dashboards and build powerful reports that enable you to make better business decisions. With this connection you can create reports that include tags and custom fields you have created within your Capsule account.

Learn more about Google Data Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do all users need to be on the Teams plan?

    The Teams plan is for the account as a whole so it will apply to all users on the account. There isn’t a way to enable the Teams features for some users but not others.

  • Do I need multiple teams in order to benefit from the Teams plan?

    We find that customers with one team also see value from the Teams plan. Access controls, custom activity types and advanced reporting help to make single teams more productive.

  • I’m an existing customer, what's the best way to try out Teams?

    Existing customers can upgrade in-app and you can also try out Teams free for 30 days - contact us to learn more.

Need help deciding?

If you need any help evaluating if our teams plan is right for you, our support team are happy to help with any questions you may have.

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