Better organization for your business with Teams & Roles

Arrange Capsule into Teams and benefit from an increased focus on tasks and communication. Combine Teams & Roles to have more control over data access.

Teams Collage

Structure Your CRM Your Way


Segment Capsule users into Teams allowing for a clearer view of what different teams are responsible for and what they’re working on.

Team members can only access contacts, cases and sales opportunities that are assigned to their teams, allowing users to focus on what matters most.

If your business doesn’t have such clearly defined teams, you can use the Teams feature to create a single team for a management group where more sensitive records can be kept.

User Roles to Control Who Sees What


Access to records is not only based on team membership but one of three different roles that can be assigned to your users too. This ensures that users only have access to the records you want them to and allows for an increased level of security and organization.

Track Team Performance

Use Capsule’s sales reports to gain an understanding of sales performance across different teams. Compare activity across different teams to investigate what might be contributing to one team’s success over another.

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Customize Capsule

Make Capsule fit your business with flexible custom fields or change colors to match your brand.

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