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Managing your finances in Capsule with Xero

Make life easier by connecting your accounting software with your CRM.

Jo White · April 11, 2019
Managing your finances in Capsule with Xero

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A critical part of running a business is controlling your finances. You may start out with a simple spreadsheet but as your business expands you’ll outgrow this and probably start looking for accounting software.

A lot of our customers use accounting software before a CRM. The crucial step is connecting the two together so you have one central place for all your customer data. Then life becomes much easier.

Each CRM has their own way of integrating with different accounting software. Capsule connects with:

For everything else, there’s Zapier or PieSync to link up the two.

Our most popular integration is with Xero so here’s a brief overview of the two working together to improve your life.

The Capsule and Xero Relationship

Xero, if you’re not familiar, is online accounting software that covers invoicing, quotes, payroll, tax returns, paying bills and expenses. It reports these activities in your P&L and balance sheet.

Capsule integrates with Xero’s customer and supplier invoices in a simple yet powerful way.

In just three clicks you can connect the two together. Then, your invoices in Xero automatically appear in the same contact's record in Capsule. You get to choose whether you want your supplier's invoices in there too - it’s up to you.

Invoice data is always in sync

If you have an invoice in Xero but the organization isn’t yet in Capsule, don’t worry, they’ll automatically be created in Capsule with the latest invoice data. The best bit - all updates to your Xero invoices are seen in Capsule in real time so you’ll never be out of sync.

Here’s how clear Xero’s invoice data appears in Capsule.

See the little ‘i’ next to the invoice amount? That tells you it’s outstanding, it goes red when it’s overdue.

It’s a handy alert when you’re about to call a customer or supplier. You’ll see straight away if there’s anything outstanding on their account so you’ll be fully prepared for the call. If they avoid your call, you’ll know not to take it personally if they have an outstanding invoice.

Control access to invoices

Not everyone in your business needs to see the accounting information for every contact so you can restrict access to this on our Growth Plan.

The access you give to individuals in Capsule will apply to the Xero data in Capsule too. So people will only be able to see invoices for their contacts.

Create invoices in Capsule

When you're working in Capsule there may be a time when you want to create a new invoice for a customer. If you have the right access, you'll see a button to 'Add customer Invoice'. This'll take you straight to the contact in Xero and open up a new invoice ready for you to complete. As soon as it's done, you'll see the invoice in Capsule.

Customer conversations in Xero

If you’re working with a customer in Xero, you might be wondering how easy it is to see all their correspondence in Capsule. It’s really simple.

You link every contact in Xero to every contact in Capsule by creating a link in your Xero settings. It takes two seconds and is super handy when you want to see the activity around an outstanding invoice.

Simple yet powerful, that’s how we like our integrations to be. If you would like to connect Capsule to Xero here's a quick guide.

If you'd like to chat about the Capsule and Xero integration, contact our friendly support team they’d love to hear from you.

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